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Advice please

Guest Kittykat2342

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Guest Kittykat2342

Hi...I'm going to be moving out of my parents house soon....but of course I'm new to the world outside....such a dark and scary place......but I wanted to get imput and this from all of you guys... What's the best way to go about this, what can I expect and not expect, any experiences that you want to share, advice on what I would need to know....I'm freaking out about this because ive had so much thrown at me the last few months and I've gone down hill with this....but I want to stick to my plans....I need help and I don't know what to do...any things helps....


thank you

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Well first of alllll, congrats!

Going out on your own can be SUPER exciting, yet a bit scary!

First question though! Are you moving in with someone, or completely on your own?

I assume either way, you may need to pitch in for bills/food/necessities!

Are you currently working? If so, that's wonderful! If not, are you planning on job searching?

There are many different costs to worry about depending on where you are moving into and what is available/paid for/not paid for.

Another big thing is working on security (Or even simply remembering to lock your doors and windows at night/when not home).

It can be a little scary sleeping in a new place. A good idea is to thoroughly check out the house so you can recognize every creaky, cracky, bump, and thud you could possibly hear to ease your mind. 

Oh! I'm not sure if you have a car or not, but another thing you should do if needed is to check out bus routes/taxi numbers near you just in case you need to get around!

I know there's more I'm forgetting, buuuut I can't think correctly atm! Uhmmm questions? :D




I remember sumfin nooooow

Be sure to look up laws (or apartment guidelines if you're moving into one) just to be sure you're keeping up with anything you should/should not be doing as well as keeping a guide on what to do and how to report any issues with noisy/rude/pesky neighbors.

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