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I would like a better understanding of what DD/lg (MD/lb) really means, please? I think that me and my Sissy might kind of accidently be like this. I am very kiddish, so I think I might be a little. And I think that my Sissy might be my caregiver, because she helps me feel safe, and I only really fully show my kiddish side around her and her daughter.


From what I've gathered so far, I understand that there doesn't have to be any sex or nudity involved. There often is, but there doesn't have to be. That there are asexual littles, who have completely platonic relationships with their caregiver figures. Also, that pet play can figure in as well. So her being my Wolfy Sis, and me being her Little Bunny, can fit in with the little/caregiver dynamic.


So here are my questions. Is there anything that I am missing? Do I seem to be on the right track? I want to be sure that I am truly understanding these concepts, and not missing a very important detail.

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You have the right idea, totally!!!!!!


So just like no two vanilla relationships are the same, no two kink or DD/LG relationships are the same!


You can absolutely have a non sexual DD/LG relationship! Your Wolfy Sis and you totally fit in with the little/caregiver dynamic! You just have to make it your own!

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I, brutally honest here, think that the one thing you need to know about DDlg is this - there is NO track to which you must follow! DDlg, quite literally, can be whatever you need it to be. Taking it down to its bare bones - it is a dynamic where there is a Caregiver and a little. The Caregiver is the person who is "responsible" for the well being, the safety/protection and the over all day-to-day activity. Quite literally, think of a parent. They do the things the little cannot. And the little is "responsible" for the care for the Caregiver by being the good little who shows all the love and respect for the responsibilities the CG has shouldered. But it needs to be mentioned - that there are hefty responsibilities of communication and  effort on both end. This dynamic is not so that a little can simply find someone to care for them and never reciprocate (Oh, Daddy is sick? Who cares, he can care for himself, I want to color). Nor is it a way for the CG to take advantage of the little's inherent dependency on the CG (I don't care that you feel my rules hurt you mentally, Daddy knows best.) So there is a lot of respect that goes into it - but that is found in every relationship, I just happen to see it slip a lot in the DDlg dynamic, and I'm not sure why.


Back to my original thought - there is no track for DDlg. It can be sexual (or not), there can be a massive Dominant/submissive element (or not), there can be a strict adhering to the rules (or not), there can be funishments (or not), etc. It literally comes down to your needs/wants and the needs/wants of your Caregiver. And this is why Pet Play/Pet Space so easily fits into DDlg - because anything can fit into DDlg if the partners want it to.


I have written a piece awhile ago that kind of sorta explains DDlg in different stages, maybe it will help explain a few questions you might have. The piece is here:  https://www.ddlgforum.com/topic/12897-ddlg-the-serious-end-of-things/?do=findComment&comment=70163


I'm really excited for your exploration into this dynamic/community! I hope you find what you need! And never be afraid to ask the community members for help/advice! We are all here to help whomever needs it! :heart:

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