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Little age changes?


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Is it normal to feel some days like a middle or little other days? It's kind of hard because middle me doesn't like baby toys but little me does . I have a small room and I have to accommodate both sides of myself . Luckily middle me loves my little pony so my bedsheets and stuffies are safe . But what else can I wear or do to enjoy being a middle as well as a Little?
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Guest _LittleKat_

Of course! ^_^


Some days I regress to 5-7, I wanna cuddle my stuffies, play with my toys, suck on my paci, colouring/drawing. Then other days I'm more of a middle 14-16, and I don't really enjoy doing most of those things! Your not alone ^_^


I tend to be more a little brat when I'm middle, so I tend to wear punky clothing hehe!


I'm sure you will find some things to wear that your little and middle side feel comfortable! :)

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