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Everyone has fears/phobias, and that's okay! But what makes me curious and the thing I want to understand better is how a Daddy/Mommy would react and/or feel when confronted with one of his/hers phobias when (s)he's with their Little and feels like they should be protecting their Little, but are instead scared of the thing they're supposed to be protecting the Little from.


Let's say you have arachnophobia (fear of spiders), which I'd say is a pretty common phobia, and you're going to the bathroom, but there's a spider there. Your reaction is immediate flight (or mine is... what is yours?), but then your Little comes and wants to go to the bathroom as well. How would you handle such a situation, especially if the phobia is really bad? 


Also, how do you feel/react when something happens and you feel like you can't protect/keep your Little safe? 


And, lastly, if the thing you have a fear of is actually something your Little quite enjoys! Let's take the spiders again. Some people adore spiders. What if your Little does and knows you're scared and protects you? Does that make you feel bad or like you're not doing your job? Or it won't phase you? 


I know these are weird questions and I hope I'm not offending, but it's something I've been thinking about and want to understand better! 


Thank you in advance! 

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Guest Dominik

If there is a spider then of course you could at first be protective and lead your little out of the danger zone.


As next you teach your little how to call a taxi, so that the driver can remove the monster (of course first check, if there is enough money in the house to pay the cab driver) :-D :-D :-D


OK, that was just a joke. Now to be honest:

I think it depends how you can handle your fear. Maybe caring for your little forces you to be more courageous to handle the situation. And if the fear is too big, then it is as it is - it's no problem. When you are a mommy: boys often save their mothers from spiders or other things, so a little boy also can do that for his mommy dom. And when you find a way out of the situation (e.g. asking the neighbor), then you also solved the situation.

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So, my phobia is aquariums. I can't explain why, I used to be okay with them, but now I just can't go in them. That makes it pretty easy to protect my little from them, we just don't go to the aquarium. But obviously its more likely that she would love the aquarium than be afraid of them, and in that case I don't know what I would do. I'd like to think I could be string for my little and overcome my fear, but I'm not sure I could do it...
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Guest Mittens

This is why littles bring such greatness to my life. I have many fears and phobias however they strengthen me and get me past them all. They help me overcome them by existing in my life.For example, one of my phobias are of ticks. I hate ticks. They are like little spiders who shove their head in your skin and their heads can come off in you if you aren't careful. They also can cause lyme disease which if gone unchecked can't be cured and you live with it forever. Whenever she had a tick on her I wouldn't hesitate or run I would go and take it off and then put stuff on the wound and kiss it and make it feel better. Alone I am nothing, but with my LG I can overcome anything. If my LG had to kill something or protect herself, I would feel like I failed as a caregiver and I would feel guilt and bad forever.

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Guest bunnydragon

I think that in most cases they might project the fear onto their little.:So like omg theirs a spider"*little walks in*grabs little and runs.Either that or they may be able to overwhelm your fears to protect them.You feel like your not doing your job if you do then the next step might be attempting to over come their fear.Dont feel bad though everyone is scared of somet thing.

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