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Best friend found out I'm a little and..

His Ikkle Kitten

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Guest Dominik

OK, I wasn't yet in this situation. Some of my closer friends know a little bit about my bdsm feelings, but not much.


So she is your best friend - that means that you trust each other and that you are much worth for her, right? So good that it was your beat friend who found out and nobody else.


Now I imagine that I would be your best friend and I found out that you are little. I just would think: so what? OK, she loves cute things, that's ok, many gilrs in her age love cute things. And she has a paci? OK. Why not? And she has 200 stuffies? OK, I have less, maybe I should buy some more.... 


I think it depends on you how you want or can explain it to her. You need not tell her the whole story that it is a "part ob BDSM" and there there is even a forum about it. You also can tell her: I just love to buy cute and cuddly things. So it is up to you how much you tell her.


I don't know if she knows the meaning of DDlg or how much she found out. I just can tell you of a buddy of mine (she is also from England and I first got to know about DDlg, because she directly told me that she is into it): all of her friends know about it - and they love her an like ber, because she is always so cute :-)


So please don't be shocked. Calm down, relax and give her also a bit time, then you meet her again and explain her - and you know her, you know, how much she knows about it. So it is about you to think about how deep you tell her.


And give her time. It is good that she said nothing and just continued the conversation. So you know that it is nothing bad for her. I suppose that you are worrying much more than she does. So calm down, have a good night now and tomorrow you will meet her again and explain as far as you want. Don't forget: it is nothing bad to be a little. You do not harm any person or animal, you are not doing bad things - you are just cute. And she is your best friend - and I think that she will support you. :-)



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Guest daddy_zach

She said nothing and continued our conversation.

I'm a little in shock.. anyone had a similar situation with friends accidentally finding out?

Maybe she's as shocked as you Kitten. Many, many, many people know nothing about dd/lg..

Or what they think they know is very wrong.


Give her a little time. She may ask you about it.

If she doesn't but seems awkward with you, you'll have to raise the subject I think.


Be calm and don't blitz her with too much information too soon.

Try to make her understand your needs.

If she really is your friend, she'll try her best to understand & accept this is what makes you happy.


Good luck :)

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I told my friends I was a daddy in the ddlg community and they only looked down on me for thinking they would have a problem with it. I'm just lucky I guess
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