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I want to surprise daddy with a present!


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I never buy him things, and I really want to buy him something thoughtful, but I don't know what to get him!  Please help me think of ideas  :wub:  :heart:  *glitter*

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You know him best. What does he like, what are his hobbies?


For example, my daddy is a gamer. Sometimes I buy him pop figures from his favorite game ( TEKKEN), I've also gotten him Mounts and pets for his WoW account and surpised him with the redemption code. I've gotten him movies (DVD) he liked, or little token gifts from the movies (cups with Deadpool logos, t-shirts, keychains, etc.) 


He also loves when I bake. So I've made him cakes, cookies and cupcakes decorated just for him. I've also just surprised him with a plate of plain old brownies.


He also loves when I get arty. So I'll draw/paint him a card, color him a picture or make him something personal with my art supplies.


Whatever it is he's probably going to love it, just think about him and what he enjoys. 

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Guest Little_Bunny_Princess
I'm with @Daddy's Meg on all them ideas, I have bought things for my daddy related to things he is interested in, little unique things others wouldnt think to buy, write down a few things he likes and then search ideas relating to things he like xx
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