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Its Tough...


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Just sharing some thoughts that have been floating around me lately.


It's tough being a little and dating. You know the red flags to watch out for, you know to take things slow and find out all you can know about the person before you even think of trying something more serious between the two of you.


It's tough when you want to give your love to someone and you hate hurting anyone's' feelings, but your surrounded and approached by those that act like wolves and those that are fairly genuine, but are so eager they don't give you a chance to get to know them before trying to claim you.


It's tough dating as a little when your on a platform surrounded by all these intense shadows each shouting something at you or trying to crowd you while your whispering "we are not compatible" or "this is not what I am looking or" and you are trying to speak louder but it's hard to find your voice and be tough over all the noise.


It's hard dating as a little when all you want to do is be open and genuine and find your connecting puzzle piece but instead you have to be GI Barbie with a loaded glitter bazooka of doom in order to stay safe and not get hurt.

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Guest Mister Grey


sometimes we just need to vent.  To have our voice be heard.  I feel the frustration and I hope a path to easing that opens up for you soon.

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Good thoughts!  I have had similar thoughts on this for a while.  After talking to different littles over the years and having heard similar stories.  And I do think that it applies to dating in general for women, but even more so for a little.  The things that draw us Daddies to them, unfortunately make them vulnerable in relationships.  And some little's really do have a hard time speaking up for themselves.


I feel for you.  None of this is easy.  Putting your heart out there while we are searching makes us vulnerable.  And it is hard to stay calm when you first start to talk to someone, that you think may be the one.  Finally.  The bond can grow very fast and very strong.  But time has taught us to be patient.


It's good that you are aware of the pitfalls.  It does help a little (pun).  And it is good that you wrote these thoughts down for others to see.  To hopefully learn a bit and to realize that they are not alone.  That there is a community here that tries to care and share the burden that we have all faced at some point.


Be strong.  Believe in yourself.  Be happy.

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I love being able to hear the musings of littles without solicitation, as is possible on this site.  I often wonder when I'm trying to get out there and date, "Am I coming on too strong? Is she gonna think I'm just another dog? If I tone it down, will she think I'm not dominant (not that this is a bad thing, I just don't want to misrepresent myself)?"

I find the best solution for me is to reframe the approach.  I don't think of it as dating, with the express purpose of finding a mate, I think of it as meeting people, with the general purpose of getting to know someone or some people.  In that effort, they get to know me, and then if there is a meaningful connection, I explore it.  There has been far too much stigma placed on the concept of "the friend zone." I'm happy to chill there until an opportunity arises.


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