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Is it ok to set rules with a dom?

Guest bunnydragon

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Guest bunnydragon

I dont know but in the past i have had doms set rule sheets to fallow and if you dont fallow them you get punished.Now I have personally never thought it was fare that a dom can punish you for doing things wrongs So im curious has anyone ever set a rule list with a dom?And if so what where they?

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Daddy and I are fairly new to the rules but this is what we have agreed upon so far:

  • Make your bed every morning.
  • Don't forget to brush your teeth every morning and night.
  • Send a picture of your outfit to Daddy once you have it on to make sure Daddy approves.
  • Always ask for sweets and treats.
  • Be honest with Daddy.
  • Tell Daddy if there is anything wrong or bothering you.
  • No swearing, princesses don't swear.
  • No fussing or talking back to Daddy.
  • Let Daddy help pick out your PJs before bed.
  • Ask to touch your princess parts.
  • Make sure to hold Daddy's hand when we're running errands because princess can be clumsy at times.
  • Tell Daddy when you're leaving and arriving somewhere so he knowns that you're okay.
  • Make sure to keep Daddy updated throughout the day on what you are doing.

(These are subject to removal/additions. Let me know if you have questions :3 )

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My daddy does set rules for me. Most ddlg/mdlb couples do. Personally for me, it really adds do much to the feel of being a little. I recommenced trying it!! (On the plus side if you break the rules you get a spanking! Which daddy thinks is punishment but I don't hehe ;)"

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My little and I have a set of rules, most are for them, but some are for both of us. We have to let each other know when we have a change of plans or are going somewhere, neither of us can ignore the other, need to use the calendar, we're not allowed to drink unless we're together. My punishment set by my little is that I cannot touch them (initiate touch, if they need to be near me or get cuddles, its allowed) for an entire day.

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Guest Sweetkittenbj

In past relationships, there's been a list of what i will & wont do, which some Doms say is trying to "top from the bottom," that is, trying to control the situation (I disagree).


I've come to realize recently though, that obedience, or submission, is something we Littles GIVE to our Daddies. My Daddy may not have rules, but if I'm not treated with respect, or if I'm ignored or taken for granted, then I have no problem "stepping out " of the Little role & trying to discuss what's going on & how it's making me feel. If the situation continues, then I know I've done all that I can and it's time to move on.

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Guest infinitecases

Everyone else has put it well :) submission is earnt so don't feel as if you can't bring up things your daddy has done wrong. If my daddy makes me upset, I'm also instantly out of little space because I'm annoyed so I just talk it through with him. I wouldn't personally give punishments to my daddy, as I don't think that's in my place but if he has done something to make me feel bad, I definitely tell him!


Just because he is your dom and you're his sub, it is still very much an equal relationship in terms of him respecting you and your boundaries and feelings too.

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Yes you can and you should. A Dom setting up rules right at the start of the relationship isn't very wise as every sub is different. Rules/punishments, in my opinion, are something that should be set up together through discussion (sometimes lengthly..lol) and reviewed often with the possibility of adapting them.


It's called a dynamic for a reason.

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These are my rules for my dom and its an ever growing list


My rules for mommy/doms

1. I bow before no one, meaning: I don’t do anything I don't want to no exceptions

2. Listen to me if I have an issue

3. Respect me in an out of my little space.

4. Always be honest with me


6.Everything is up for discussion



I dont have any punishments for these yet as ive never had an irl dom or one that really wanted me

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