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Creative Name Help


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Hello everyone,


So my Little and I started a gaming YouTube channel (yes, so creative, I know), but I'm at a loss as to what to call it. We wanted to incorporate BDSM somehow in the name, but subtly, so that other BDSM friendly people might notice it, but vanilla would just assume it was a name.


I'm lost though, and would love suggestions. Be happy to give some info if that would help, but just not sure where to start. Lol

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My best ideas are either make it abbreviate to BDSM or something, but stand for something else. Or you incorporate some innocuous item into the title, like ropes or something. Not super creative ideas, but it's all I've got...
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Idk, maybe try spelling some BDSM terms backwards. I remember some years back, people started using the term "repaid" to mean diaper or something like that... 

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You could do a sneaky little Big Daddy/Little Sister BioShock reference! So then it's related to gaming and can be interpreted as BDSM ;p




Idk why I turned into Lightning McQueen, I apologise. Happens from time to time.

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As huge fans of the Bioshock series, and being a DDLG couple, we settled on something simple, but those in the know would get.


Rapture Gaming


Thanks for all the input!!

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