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Ten good things!


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Oh okay I can totally do this.


1) Daddy. Meu rei. Idiota. Alfredo. He's a cutie.

2) My cat. He's pretty dope.

3) My mouse. She's also pretty dope.

4) My family of ten (not literally but... Uh it's a long story. I have ten children. Just shhh)

5) My progress with writing so far this summer. Go me.

6) Zombies. Anything zombie. Thank you for existing.


8) Comfy clothes. 




Okay I kinda maybe love this thread because usually I'm such a negative nancy but yea :3

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I def need this today!

1.) Pimpy he's a hedgehog and unikittycorn.

2.) Netflixs

3.) I have a roof over my head, phone, internet and a full belly

4.) Popcorn

5.) La coxi water.....it's so good

6.) The fact I'm stronger than I feel right now.

7.)the fact that my friend got his package and laughed.

8.) Tommow is another day.

9.) Snuggly blankets

20.) Ac

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Omg yes self care posts. I always need motivating to think positively. Thank you.


1.) I recently have a daddy! C:

2.) I found my old laptop so I have a computer again!

3.) I've discovered a bunch of ddlg sites and forums to help with support and information. ^^

4.) I'm learning to cook!

5.) I have a car, shelter, food, even though its not much foods and I had to move back home. I'm trying to appreciate it.

6.) Might have a job soon!

7.) I'm starting to do the hobbies I used to enjoy before my depression.

8.) I'm trying really hard to have a better diet and exercise. It's working!

9.) I kinda have a plan for the near future, and a list of goals and how I'm going to get there.

10.) Idk, uh stuffies exist.

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I love that this thread exists, so here we go! ^_^


1. My friends. 

2. My stuffies, and little gear :3

3. Blankies  :wub:

4. Skype calls with my best friends every week  :heart:

5. Show binges :)

6. My future furr babies I will have  -_-

7. Ice cream!

8. My future mommy/daddy hopefully  :blush:

9. Nature 

10. The air i breathe

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Guest Sweetkittenbj

Awesome idea! Hers myblist:


1. Daddy

2. Family that is growing & changing (I'm gonna be a great-aunt in December!)

3. Friends online & off

4. A roof over my head & a bed to sleep in

5. Relatively good health (well maybe not good but it can always be worse)

Memories of past loves & good times with friends

6. Steak (apologies to my vegan friends)

7. Libraries

8. Imaginations

9. After care

10 cute puppies & kittehs

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1. Daddy, he's taken care of me for three years and it's great having him as a best friend too.

2. Going on walks in the warm weather.

3. Boating or being in the pool.

4. Cosplay and dressing like cute characters.

5. Cute cats.

6. Yoga

7. Evenings and nights

8. Shopping

9. Toys and dolls

10. Good dinners and meals.

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I love this thread



1. Music, any type I can go from rap to classical in a second

2. My favorite daddy in the whole wide world cause he is amazing

3. My sister cause she know every detail about me and supports ddlg

4. Anime


6. My best friend who I will love till death

7. Aesthetic pastel pink



10.Places where I dont have to wear clothes (I secretly hate wearing clothes)

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Guest infinitecases

1. I have one of the most amazing daddies in the world.

2. My stuffies are always here for me!!

3. Trees, I get to see them everywhere.

4. Watercolours and paints and art..

5. Books exist!!

6. My blankie always smells great :)

7. Stationery!!!

8. Food... especially ice cream.. and bakery bread... and crisps... and lollies... and milk (hehe daddy's milk)

9. School and learning and textbooks and ahhhhhhh I wish I could learn everything in the world

10. ...Daddy... who has made me properly happy for the first time in a long time..

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1) My Caregiver/Dom 

2) I'm studying my dream course right now

3) My mum is always there for me when I need her even though I'm an adult

4) One day I may be able to help people who need it

5) It's getting closer to Halloween

6) cats

7) My room is warm 

8) getting a new tattoo

9) chicken nuggets

10) Living authentically and attracting kind, accepting people

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1. My little puppy princess

2. My other puppy Bobby (the hairier one)

3. My mom who cares about me more than I do..

4. I can sleep without getting panic attacks.

5. My shoulder is getting better..

6. 3rd week back in the gym and so far so good.

7. Marvel movies

8. WiFi..

9. Zen state of mind more often than not.

10. Pizza :)


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Guest Lenkakitten

1. My Tiggy Papa that treats me like a pwincess

2. My cute little Kessie

3. Mum

4. Soft and warm blankies are always here for my freazing toes

5. My friends stuffies and miss Paci!

6.Bobby. He is too cute to dont love him

7. Drawing and art makes me happy

8. Chocolate and strawberries


10. I am still holding up

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Guest BeegeeBirdy

1) My Daddy!

2) Our home together, even if we move houses we always have a home together

3) Food/yummy things!ヽ(´▽`)/

4) Being able to go to university and pursue my aspirations

5) Computers, phones, game consoles

6) My wonderful Stuffies

7) Music!

8) Weekends, giving us the excuse to just relax

9) Video games

10) My friends and family

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1) My Puppy (long story)
2) A certain daddy that I talk to sometimes that's super sweet
3) My family. We fight all the time, but I love them to bits
4) Monty - My favorite stuffy (an almost life-size Bernese mountain dog)
5) Apple juice - I love it coz it's yummy *and* kind of nutritious and you can put it in a sippy cup ^_^
6) Corsets - they look good and feel super comfy
7) Gonggi a Korean game similar to jacks. I find it oddly calming and meditative
8) Disney - I love so many of their movies. One of my dreams is to see Disneyland/ DIsneyworld/ Eurodisney
9) Music - my deepest, greatest love
10) Food - I may be chubby, but that don't mean I can't be a foodie!

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1.) my daddy and soulmate :)

2.) my collar

3.) my stuffies

4.) my health

5.) my Recovery

6.) Food!

7.)my pets

8.)my computer

9.) my family

10.) my friends

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I like this!


1) My God, who loves me and takes me as I am.

2) My Daddy, my protector, my best friend, and my soulmate.

3) My puppy dog Kola, who saved me from myself.

4) My violin.

5) Good friends who accept me for who I am.

6) A family that loves me despite my flaws.

7) My toys, who I can tell anything to in confidence.

8) My laptop and the Internet, where I can be myself with other people like me.

9) My constant fight. I suffer from Manic Depression, Bipolar, and BPD. I won't let it stop me.

10) A community where I can express myself.

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I love this idea!! Because I am big into positive thinking and even have an entire Instagram dedicated to it hehehe. Here are my 10 good things! 


1. Sunshine! 

2. Discovering this amazing community and that I am a little and always have been without ever knowing it. 

3. Anime

4. My internship I just landed in the city! 

5. My puppy, the love of my life. 

6. I have a loving family

7. Creating videos, music and cartoons I am passionate about

8. Rainbows!!!!! 

9. Meditation and Yoga

10. Bubble baths 


Have a lovely night everyone! 

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I really need this after the bad weekend I've had.


1. I recently found my Bear (daddy but doesn't like to be called daddy)

2. My new friends in this community

3. Family

4. My stuffies and blankie

5. My new Kitty, Sergio

6. Good-ish health

7. I hopefully will have a job soon

8. The 'high' I'm still on from my recent holiday

9. Ben&Jerry's ice cream that I have

10. Disney and all things related to Disney including Marvel (Thor Ragnarok comes out soon!!)

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Guest ParanoidAsylum

1. My freedom to be as crazy as possible

2. My family, both blood and otherwise, who have always supported me during the hard times

3. Music, cuz I don't know how I would function without it

4. My masks, which allow me to show different parts of my personality

5. My growing collection of weapons, swords mainly, for the most part just for show

6. My health, so I can live life to the fullest in my own way

7. Chocolate. I doubt I could exist without it

8. The stuffies I have gotten from some really important people in my life

9. My Xbox One, so I can game with friends

10. My future cat.

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1. my friend 

2. I have food to eat

3. my job

4. my determination 

5. fan fiction

6. eggs

7. spotify

8. my violin

9. books

10. figure skating

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