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I'm looking for a new daddy and I'm not sure where to start.


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Me and my last daddy ended on a rough patch, I don't really know if I'm over him but I would like to start talking to new daddy's. How should I go about it? Edited by Spaceboy
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Well, firstly I'd suggest you figure out whether you are over your daddy and my guess if you're answer is 'I don't know' then you're not.


It's unfair to not only yourself but any potential daddies if you seek out and get into a relationship when your wounds from the last aren't fully healed. It leaves you emotionally vulnerable and more likely to get hurt, but no only that it leaves your potential daddy in a position where they could get hurt. Most of the time rebounds do not work out into fully committed long term relationships and you may just be setting up your next partner and yourself for heartbreak.


Make sure you're emotionally ready before looking for a new partner, and make that the goal - look for a partner, not a daddy. If you're blinded by only the DDlg aspect of the relationship you're going to be looking for your perfect daddy rather than your perfect person. I'm just saying this because a lot of the time littles will find themselves yearning for the love and adoration of a daddy dom, rather than the fulfillment of a real relationship (I'm not saying DDlg relationships aren't real, I trust you get my point though). 


But, when you do figure out if you're over him there is a personals section and this community is filled with a plethora of wonderful daddies. Look around, get to know people. 

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