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I cant be the only one.... Right?


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I've been without a Daddy/Mommy for so long that I've began to feel that its got to be me. Like I'mm the reason i can't find anyone. maybe im just a bad little :(

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Guest Mittens

I have felt this way for awhile now. you are unique and special, and it takes a unique and special person to be able to get along with you. Don't give up, you'll find someone!

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I totally relate to this.  


You aren't bad though. You just haven't found the right person yet. It's hard to be patient though 

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I mean sometimes you can be the reason you're not with anybody. Sometimes people don't make an effort to meet people, their standards are too high etc. You kinda need to step back and evaluate why you're not finding people you want to be with. Is it a constant incompatibility issue? Is it just that you're not meeting anyone? Once you have the basis of why then it's easy to figure out how to fix it. 


For example; everyone you meet you're incompatible with. So perhaps take a step back and ask why are you incompatible? Different relationship interests? Maturity? Life goals? Morals? All of that. And then where are you meeting these people? You're going to meet different people in different places - for example you're less likely to find someone who wants a long term, monogamous relationship on Omegle as compared to say this website. 


It doesn't make you a bad little. Littles can be littles without daddies, daddies or caregivers do not define us or our ability to be little. It just means your a little without a daddy, that's all. At least you're not throwing yourself into meaningless relationships purely so you can have the 'ideal' DDlg relationship. Just relax.

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