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Me Vs The Scene


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Hi people,


New to the forum because this has been weighing heavily on me for the past couple of weeks.


My Daddy and I have been together just over two months and it's been incredibly fast but very natural and not forced and we've established our dynamic and it's been a lot of fun and outside the dynamic we have became incredibly good friends.

I work full time and so does my Daddy and he has a child which is his priority but we see each other when we can, usually once or twice a week however we are not in an exclusive relationship, we are play partners/friends with a view for that to potentially develop into an exclusive relationship.



Before my Daddy met me, he had been on our local kink scene for a short while before me and had got involved with a girl who was under the impression they were together and exclusive, long story short, he was honest with her about me and she didn't like it and they ended and myself and my Daddy started.

Since then this girl in particular on our local kink scene has a hatred for me and at a few events she's made that public, to the latest one of coming up to me and swearing at me. If it's not me then she's spreading rumours or causing drama about my Daddy. The last event she was particularly bad and caused people to make rash opinions on me and my Daddy and have a few people air these opinions with us based on this girls stories.


This then caused an argument with my Daddy on the same night as he was so upset about whats happened. Argument is now resolved and sorted but he confessed he thought of ending it with me so I didn't get hate on the scene but said he didn't want to end it, he just feels bad this girl has turned people against me and thought that would help, after talking about that he said he wouldn't do it because the girl would still hate me regardless. Since then it's not been a lot of chat, it's not been as affectionate over text as they usually are, I called him tonight and he was asleep and that really hurt me, he always says goodnight/morning, I said sorry for waking him and said i'd let him go, he didn't put up any fight or try and talk with me. He's aired concerns that our scene was important to him and because it is so small he really wants to make a good impression.



I'm now getting the feeling he's distancing himself from me over fear that this girls rumours will continue if he continues to be with me. No saying goodnight, the argument we had was foul, he was drunk but it was very aggressive towards me, hardly spoken today, made no plans to see each other this week. I'm trying to make an effort on our local scene to try and let people know i'm not this person i'm being portrayed to be and also put the rumours to bed about my Daddy as well but at this current time it's not working. 


It's great to communicate and get to know others, build a support network and make friends but if it came down to it, what is more important? Your caregiver/little or the scene (if you're apart of it). How do you overcome a situation like this? I'm sorry if this doesn't flow right and is a bit muddled, I am fairly upset. Any help or kind words would be appreciated.



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Guest daddy_zach

You may not like what I'm about to say..


It seems as if the local scene is more important to him, than you are.

Personally I don't feel this is the right order of priorities.


Another red flag for me, is the fact that he is capable of being aggressive to you.


I'm sorry for the situation you're in with this other girl; but I would urge you to think about

whether you should be pursuing this particular relationship. Sorry.

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I think he is reaping what he has sown, he has shown no concern for the hearts of others. I would assume that he was the same with you as he was with her which makes her actions understandable and logical.


If he was aggressive with you and has not shown any remorse after sobering up that is a huge red flag

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When I say he was aggressive it was because he was drunk and got the wrong end of the stick, he has never put a hand on me at all nor would he. He lost his temper, we've all been guilty of doing that.


I think he is putting himself over me and that's fine if he was honest about it, instead I'm at a stand still.


He also has not been the same with her, he has shown me his entire conversation history with her, at no point did he lead her on, there was just miscommunication. The most he ever did with the other girl was sleep with her once but other than that it was just chill out and watch movies and stuff.

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