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New here and looking for Little comfort , please


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Guest Mr.Stuffykins

I want to firstly express my sincerest apologies. I'm so sorry you had this experience.


This is my own opinion and If what I say comes of as inconsiderate or harsh then i apologize.


In these sort of situations I tend to always have the same mindset and its the ideology I want you and anyone going through a break up to implement. You have to realize that this is a blessing in disguise. You need to find solace in the fact that you now have the opportunity to find someone even better. And trust me you will without a doubt find someone that will surpass your expectations. You currently think that he was the epitome of perfection, but if he was would he have left you in this state? Right now you're hurting because up until this point he was what you considered to be the best - once you find someone better this will all be but a distant memory. Focus on the future and look ahead knowing that your eyes are now open and not blinded by what you considered to be ideal. You're no longer binded to someone that would just leave his little so suddendly. In my opinion - it was best this happened now than to have gone on getting more attatched and having it happen later. Whatever the case: always look at a break up as something positive! That you closed one door only to leave others open for something better.


I hope that my words have not offended you in any way. I wish you the very best.


Take care

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Guest daddy_zach

Hey guys


My name's Lala, little age is around 5-8...I love art and stuffies and gummies and scary movies . I'm afraid of cockroaches and I don't like to wear shoes. I have been obsessed with David boeie since forever .


I'm always very happy to interact with other Littles and so definitely look forward to talking to all of you


Well guys my Daddy of a year now left me . He left and said "I'm not coming back. We are done . Good bye" .


You know , I've been through other break ups, but I am so fucking sad like I've never been before..... He was my first Daddy . Said he loved me and always would . Took care of me when I was sick , brushed my hair and read me stories , helped me when I was sad and anxious and sang me lullabies when I couldn't sleep . He was about 20 years older than me . We took random road trips together and binge watched documentaries and silly movies and I was his baby princess .


And now he's gone . Won't even explain why he left ot respomd to me at all . I feel like I had everything I wanted in a partner and he vanished. I feel lost .


I'm trying to be strong . I'm trying to talk to myself and tell myself I can do this but my stomach hurts and I feel so sad and I keep crying at work.


I just ...would really appreciate any advice or help from you guys . Thank you so.much just for even existing.


Much love,


So sorry for your sadness and loss. That was a pretty shoddy way for him to leave. No Little deserves that. Hope things get better for you soon <3

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Hei there. First off, I would like to say I'm sorry for what you're going through! I have so much empathy towards you! I hope things get so much better for you than they are now.


Secondly, I wanted to say hello and that this community is very nice and I'm sure you'll find plenty of little friends on here. We are all usually super nice and want other little friends as well.


You will find that the forums are very helpful, whether it be to help another person out, find ideas for new things, Personal Ads for people looking for someone special, and even some things that are NSFW. It's pretty great.


I would also like to say...please don't dwell too much; it'll only make you feel so much worse. I know it's tough, but you must be strong for yourself! Look at this as a stepping stone through life. A new beginning almost! I'm almost positive you'll find someone, someday, who is even better for you!


I hope my response was something you read and made you feel a little better. I would love to be one of your friends, so if you'd like, you can totally add me and I'll accept it. 


All in all, I truly hope you feel better sooner rather than later and that you make tons of new little friends!


With much love, Ash.

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Hey La. hope you're doing ok!


I know how you feel, for some reason normal relationships dont quite compare to ddlg, i know losing my first little felt awful and worse than the other breakups i'd had. 

if you truly cared, then it will hurt like hell :/ that's normal.

I guess the good side is, that heartache wont last forever but it'll also take time to get over.

you will learn from this and come back stronger and clearer in what you need from your next relationship. Just take time out, be on your own, recover, discover yourself. 

Also if he didn't give you a reason why this happened, then you can't really blame yourself  :) so curse the guy and use that emotion to help you get over him!

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I am very sorry you are sad. Take time to heal, and try not to dwell on the sad parts. There is a reason, even if we don't see it now. Your forever Daddy is around the corner I just know it.

Take care of you, do things you love to do, time will pass, and time will heal.


Hope your heart feel better soon....

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Things happen in life even if we don't expect them to happen. People change, circumstances change and at times we feel hurt. I can relate to you in the sense that my little girl, my love also left without a word and I wondered long why she did this to me. I thought I deserved the answer but never got it. So, all I started doing was seeing how lovable I am and I started loving myself more and in doing that the pain slowly is no more. I would say you too love yourself because its only me who is the most beautiful and important person in our life. And always a complete person meets a complete person. So letting go even if it seems hard is the one-way to get going and moving and in doing that there is going to be a blessed time when you meet someone who will let you know why that breakup was meant to be.
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First of all, stop trying to contact him. You have to accept he's gone. The reason doesn't really matter. But you cannot keep "bugging" him. i don't know exactly how many times you have tried since he ended it, i am just going on what i get from how you worded that he won't respond to you at all. He won't appreciate being bombarded, and he certainly won't react positively to it. He has made his choice, you need to let it go.

This kind of dynamic makes break ups more difficult, simple as that. It's on a whole other level. i absolutely understand and empathise. My only advise is to just carry on with daily life. Do thongs to distract yourself til you start to feel better. Read books, watch funny movies, exercise, find a hobby, go to the library, go to the cinema (yep, on your own - i started doing that when i was single, and it wasn't as scary as i thought once i got there the first time, i enjoyed it), write stories (but not about him, lol), go for walks, talk to friends, bake, clean the house, or your room etc. Just get through it.

It obviously hurts now, but it gets better. Time. Thats it. Nothing magical or complicated.

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My previous DD broke it off with me, but he told me why. I knew he was doing it for the right reasons but it still broke my heart. I won't go into detail, out of respect of him.

That was just over 20 years ago, now I appreciate why he did it, I did when it happened, though part of me refused to accept it. I have such fond memories of him, he was my first and my first DD. 

I agree with what has already been said, stop trying to contact him. Do things that distract you, maybe out and join a group? Learn a new craft.  Pretty much echos what has already been said. 

I have had other relationships when it was broken off without knowing why, don't dwell on it. It's their loss, you are better off without them, they clearly cannot cope with how awesome sauce you is!

I haven't had a DD since him, which is probably why past relationships failed, but I am hopeful I will find a Daddy. 

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