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Guess I lost my Daddy


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So my husband (we're separated but WERE still friends) is or was my Daddy. Only in a platonic way. He brought up having a dd/lg relationship about a month ago and it is something I desparately need in my life. Things were going pretty well and getting better until today when we got in an argument. He told me that he wasn't comfortable with being my Daddy to begin with and that he knew I would take things the wrong way. I didn't although he believes i did. He and his girlfriend recently progressed their relationship to a Daddy Kitten relationship (so he says) and of course I didnt know until I stumbled upon a post he made about it and then asked him. His response was he didn't tell me because it was personal between them. For some reason it all just doesn't sit right with me. I'm fairly new to the dd/lg relationship thing when its strictly friends but I know enough to know that something just isn't right. I'm feeling very lost and alone right now and I don't really know what to do. Any insight would be very appreciated. TIA!!!
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Guest Fros†beard

It shouldn't sit well with you.
If he's in a dynamic with you while being in a relationship with someone else as well, he should keep you posted about that other relationship.
Arrangements like this aren't going to work without 120% honesty. Does his girlfiend know about your dynamic?

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Well, first off, I believe he wanted the best of both worlds. Did his girlfriend know of you??? Was she okie with him being your CG/Daddy? Some things just don't add up.


As for him saying it was personal between the two of them, you were his "little", so he should've informed you to begin with.


In my opinion, I believe this was a blessing in disguise. I think that he was possibly just...stringing you along because he knew you still cared about him a lot and used that to his advantage.


I don't think his intentions were right to begin with and I don't think this is the behavior a daddy/CG should ever have with their little.


I think you should use this to better yourself, to make yourself more aware of how people will handle situations and how they will try to make you feel like you did something wrong.


You didn't do anything wrong and for him to say you did is asinine. 


I'm so sorry this happened to you and I truly hope things get better for you quickly!


I hope my response was of some help to you and I hope I didn't come across as too rude/blunt.


With much Love, Ash. 

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First off, I don't think anybody should desperately need a DD/lg or any type of relationship in their lives - this is what probably made you vulnerable he probably realised this and took advantage of it. He sounds like he's just stringing you along as a back up plan just in case him and his girlfriend go sideways. 


My advice would be to completely disassociate yourself from him and start anew. Just focus on yourself for a while, make sure you're in a good place mentally and make sure you're ready for a relationship and when you're at that place, start looking. But don't go back to him. He seems like somebody who is quite manipulative (e.g. the 'I was never comfortable with being your daddy in the first place' blaming you instead of admitting his actions were wrong). 

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