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Can't get into little space


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What helps you guys get into little space? For the past year or so I've struggled hard with being little and it's getting to the point where when I can't get into little space I get really depressed, and when I do, it takes almost nothing to throw me out of it. It's worth saying that I still live with my parents so things like diapering and binkies, while not impossible, are incredibly risky. Please give me some suggestions!!

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You could look through cute Tumblr blogs, colour, watch cartoons (if you have a daddy you could use Rabbit to watch cartoons together - or whatever makes you feel little), have a relaxing bubble bath, stuffies, dress up in cute outfits and take pictures, go to the park, go shopping for cute things (even stuff like bubble baths and whatnot, things that aren't directly little-related but can do the trick anyway.


There's a lot you can do really, it just comes down to what you're into personally.

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Cute socks or panties. I have a pair of knee highs and you could wear them under jeans or knee high boots. My favorite pair of panties are white and blue innocent looking ones. This site also makes me feel little. Mostly my Daddy makes me feel little when he strokes my hair. When I lived with my parents it was harder to be in little space, but coloring always helped me and my family always had a billion coloring books so it wasn't a big deal to pull them out. Also cartoons like Sofia the First, or any Disney movie. I had one older and two younger family members, not counting my parents, and we all loved to watch cartoons together. Hope this helps!

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