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Advice for newfound little?

Guest Kenzie_baby

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Guest Kenzie_baby

If you don't want to read a bunch, you can skip to the last sentence for my actual question lol.

My daddy and I just opened up to each other about our needs in our relationship after 2 years of a standard one. Despite all odds, it just so happens that he feels to be a daddy and I a little! I have always been ashamed of my love for sippy cups, coloring, being babied, blankies, and general child like things. I never understood why I held on to habits like these while growing up and after exploring the internet and finding little communities, I have found who I am! And mostly who I want to be.

Daddy loves this also and has always been interested in this lifestyle.

Now that he and I have discovered this is what we want, I would like to know as much as I can! I want to know how to express myself showing how I feel on the inside.

I know that every relationship is different and I am just seeing how I fit into this.

How do you, as a Baby girl/little act through out your day? What are things you do and say each day that makes you, you!

Also I will add we plan on being 24/7 and I wont be in diapers and such just a capable little who likes to be babied and it is apart of our sex life as well

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Guest Daddyskitten65
This is similar to how my Daddy and I are. Being little is just a part of who I am and Daddy takes care of me. He had never been a Daddy before and has been reading a lot, we also talk a lot about our wants, needs and limits. Finding some rules and routines can be helpful.
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Hope this helps. Ultimately this is like any relationship. You need to communicate and experiment to work out what you like and don't like. Your daddy will hopefully have the experience and maturity to guide you through this journey if not then there are plenty of trainers, like myself, who act in a similar professional way to a marriage counsellor to help you both.


Don't get too huh up on labels and acting how you should act. Just experience it

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