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A Little Poetic Nonsense **TW**


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I noticed there are many pages that allow for littles to express their artistic side in the form of coloring and drawing, but there was a lack of a page where people can express themselves poetically. Well, here we are! Welcome to my little poetic corner of nonsense, there is no need to be a master poet here, heck, we don't even ask that you rhyme! So go nuts! Express yourself  


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The Quiet One:

When She spoke Her voice it was a whisper
If you didn't listen you'd simply miss Her
She never sought out others' approval
In fact, Her favorite past time was social removal 
But in the empty choir room where I found Her alone

Her voice, how it rang, pounded, and simply resounded

The notes She carried with such grace and skill 

Left me weak in my knees and gave my spine a chill
The quiet girl who you'd so easily miss
Stole my heart in a moment of instant bliss

The story didn't end there, not on that day
It seems that girl had much more to say
That is tale that will leave you enraptured
It is only then will I have your attention captured
However, that story is long and droning
This is no place for my senseless moaning.

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Final Exam:

Sat there and stared at the bottle of pills
Not sure of their purpose just hoping it kills

Life had been cruel, unforgiving, and hopeless
It altered his vision and made him lose focus

He'd lost himself somewhere along the way
His smile had faded and grown to dismay

Each day was test he begrudgingly passed
Waiting for the test that would be his last 

The final exam of his empty existence 

He had grown tired of the constant resistance

The bottle lay empty in front of him now 
Closing his eyes he took one last bow

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Be The Difference:

There's plenty of hate, greed, and deception

So make it your duty to be the exception

Warm this world with your simple presence

Light up the night with your very essence

Smile at strangers when they look your way

Because it won't hurt you at the end of the day

To shed a little love on the people you meet

Let you happiness be bold don't keep it discrete

Hug a little tighter when you say your goodbyes

When someone is speaking look at their eyes

This life it is fleeting and it goes by too fast 

Don't leave your dreams behind in the past

In summation, don't let this world drag you down

Live life with a smile instead of a frown

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Guest Blushangel

Sleepless Poet:

Deliriously high

On the saltiness of tears
Words flow from the soul
As dawn draws near
A pain that new 
A pain that’s real
The pain that is all of my greatest fears 
Dwells steadily now as morning appears
Breathe now sweet angel 
Await your next fix of tears

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Curtain Call:

Be unabashedly, unequivocally, and unapologetically you

Never let the world make you question what it is you should do

Be bold in your every decision, reek of confidence from your choices

Make each move wisely, but don't be stopped by the voices

Only you know what is right for you, that much is certain

So make the best of this life before you close your final curtain

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