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Going into Littlespace in public....

Princess Erica

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Yesterday I went out with a friend on a shopping trip...he wanted to go into Pet Supplies Plus to look for some things for his fish tank...well here comes the interesting part..in the back of the store, there's a wall of animals that you can look at and purchase if you wanted to... the second that I saw those animals I went into Little Space so fast...I was able to manage my voice, but my excitement wasn't hidden very well. Thankfully my friend didn't think anything of it, but i was still weird because I never go into Little Space in public before and I had no way to talk to anyone as my phone is shut off...I didn't know what to do and I freaked out...


What I'm asking is if anyone has any tips for when they go into Littlespace in public with no Little things or with people who have no idea about Littlespace or the DD/LG community...? 

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I've talked to Daddy a lot about this.  I've always been a little but never knew what DDLG was or embraced that side of me. 

So I'm new to it.  But Daddy made some really good points I hope will help you. 

Being girly isn't weird, although it's not common, it's not surprising when a girl is.  Wearing girly things

and finding puppies adorable and squeeling and all those fun things are not considered perverted

or anything in the real world.  You just love girly things! Think about someone else doing it

and pretend they're not a little.  To me it's not that weird.

Like Paris Hilton and stuff wear lots of pink and baby take their doggies

But the most important advice Daddy gave me is 'own it'.  Be confident, be yourself. 

If you do it with confidence then you can pull it off

there's lots of girls who dress up over the top girly and giggle and be everything a little is

(except maybe pacies and diapies) and people think

it's really attractive.  Maybe there's some stuff you'll need to not do or tone down but not nearly as much

as I first thought and for me that's just a matter of practise. 

I was worried about wearing big bows and lots of pink and stuff. 

But Daddy is right, I'm just a girly girl and that's totally normal! So own it, own yourself,

you like what you like and

that makes you different, more interesting and sometimes prettier than the others around you ^3^


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Couldnt have said it better myself..... Ivee never "come out" as a middle but everyone knows im such a girly girl and am over the top with sometimes. But you have to be you. Being a middle or a little isnt a role its who u are. No one is going to say...look at her cooing and getting excited over the fluffy bunny she must be part of the Ddlg dynamic... They will see YOU. Dont be afraid to be yourself..its the label we hide not who we are. Xxx
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Being overexcited seeing doggies is not even weird! lol ...  I agree with the previous comments. You can even have a small stuffie in your purse without being weird. You only has to say you promess to X little girl you would carry it with you where you go. So many sollutions to be little and not weird in public. If someone haz a problem with you loving animals or wearing a shirt with a mermaid on it...  it's not you being weird!  ;) ...  


Girls doing babytalk with animals are also a common thing. Next time you can even talk like a baby and that would not be weird ! ... 


My friends know I wanna go to disney everyday of the year and that I Love cartoons and disney movies.  They are my friends and dont think it is weird. It's just part of my interests.... They often joke about it with Mommy, but one of them can spend 3 hours coloring with me and they all hugs my stuffie when they visit! hehe ...


For many little things or way we act to be weird, maybe it needs to have uss being weird about it...  otherwise it can be "just Cute".


I wish I could go see puppies with you.. or go to the Zoo !!! :D ... bye bye

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