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Tell us what's good about your L/CG/DD


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Guest Mittens

My LG is so sweet and loving

She is always trying hard for me

She always tries to cheer me up in the ways she knows how

She loves me greatly,

She is loyal and trustworth

She is considerate in many ways

she is absolutely beautiful :heart:

She is there for me all the time

She respects me and my needs

She is extraordinarily patient with me even if I make a mistake

She trusts me.


I can't get enough of her, I wish I could have her 24/7 undivided attention. But I know it's unreasonable, so I try so hard for her every day. I'm trying for you baby girl, I love you. :wub: Forgive me for all my failures and weaknesses.

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My Daddy pays close attention to me and anticipates my needs. He makes me feel new needs, that I never knew I had. He gives me presents and colors with me. He gives me spankings in a way that makes me like them.
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My daddy is amazing because he spoils me with attention. . .even when I dont deserve it, he makes our relationship really happy and sweet even though it is a LDR, I still love him so much <3
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Everything is good about my daddy. To put it simply. Even his flaws and weaknesses because without them he wouldn't be... Him. He's really smart, even though he doesn't believe that he is. He's kind and caring and he's really in touch with his sensitive side. He loves zombies (win-win). He's so hot it's actually unfair. He always knows how to make me feel better after a bad day and even though my fiery temper can become too much sometimes he never gives up, he's always right by my side no matter what. He supports all the decisions that I decide to make, even if he disagrees with some. He's amazing.

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My Daddy is the best DD ever, because he never knew about the community

but was willing  to learn and be my DD when we started dating!


Daddy always makes me feel special and loved!

He's very nurturing and sweet!

Daddy can make me smile no matter what! Even when I'm mad at him.. hehe

He understands my anxiety and overthinking.

My Daddy is very handsome and I'm a very lucky girl!


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Well, nothing's bad about him. We never fight like ever. That includes living in the same room and house for 3 years. He's handy and fixes things, dedicated to his job, and let's me be little pretty much all I want. We have basically the same personality so we're also best friends. He's just fun, nice, a good provider, and a great boyfriend and daddy.
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