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Daddy ignores me


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I feel like he ignores me all the time u less I say something that is sexual. I wish he would talk to me more. I get so bored so easy. And I feel like I'm not wanted. He tells me he's always busy with work. Keeps promising he'll see me and then can't. Like I understand his job is crazy right now, mine is too... But it's not hard yo just text me something every once in a while.i told him a few times I feel like I'm a bother, or I feel like I'm annoying. He says I'm not, but it doesn't help. I don't know what to do....
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Guest Mr.Stuffykins

I really hate to assume the worst, but in this case it seems painfully evident that he just, for whatever reason, is not that attached/involved in the relationship anymore. Perhaps its his job that has caused this sort of lack of interest towards the relationship. I really recommend confronting him and making it clear that if he continues this way then he might lose you. If he has the motivation to give you attention when you're sexual then he can do so when you're not as well. This is not healthy for either of you and the sooner you discuss this the better. At the very least - consider taking a break from each other. Deep down he may still have feelings for you and instead of carrying on like this you should either end it or put it on hold. Or else you risk losing all your feelings for one another. It ultimately comes down to WHY he is being this way. Is it really because of his job? Or is it just tired of the relationship ?


Personally? and this is MY own opinion.


I feel as if hes tired of it and simply keeps you around #1 out of convenience. Its convenient for him to keep you because he has someone he can be sexual with. #2 Hes used to having you around. He wont leave until he has found someone to replace you. Why would he leave you? So that he can be alone ? He wont leave until its CONVENIENT for him to leave.

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Guest Fros†beard

The fact is, there are hordes of people out there who're only into the sexual aspect of the dynamic.
I really hope this isn't the case here, however, I'd advise you to sit down and have a serious discussion with him.
I mean, he should either want you to be little in every sense and not just sexually. That's my two cents.

It's come to my attention a lot of daddies get angry at their littles for being clingy and / or needy and I just can't wrap my brain around it.

I hope it'll all work out in the end.

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He seems to only be into the sexual part of ddlg, im sorry. But I think you should let him go because you dont deserve to be only used for sex and I hpe you find someone whos attentive and appreciative of you.
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Perhaps start looking for the right daddy. No, that is not being unfaithful to him, especially if you let him know it’s not working out for you. You will eventually find just the right person and at that time you will more fully appreciate and learn just how enjoyable and fulfilling DDLG can be for you!
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