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Actually, a lot of littles experience an asexual littlespace. It's not uncommon at all and a lot of dom(me)s don't find littlespace to be sexually appealing whatsoever. I'm a little who doesn't find any sexual enjoyment out of my littlespace but I wouldn't really call myself asexual. I'm still bisexual, I don't think my sexuality fluctuates whatsoever - it's just that when I'm in a certain state of mind I don't feel sexual. Almost like when some people feel stressed they don't feel sexual.


Also, I'd just like to add that just because a caregiver is a cunt or they find littlespace to be sexually appealing that doesn't mean they're a fake caregiver. Everybody is different and everybody experiences things differently - they're still a caregiver, neither you nor I get to be the dictators of who's faking their identity and who's not.

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