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Littles/middles who have grown up tasks


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I am a slave most of the time. My little side only comes out online as my Master isn't into DD/lg and at least for now I don't have a Daddy (we are poly). My day to day life is pretty  1950s household too. For me the struggle is compounded by most little activities making my Master feel uncomfortable, so I spend time online when he is busy elsewhere. Is there anyway in your dynamic that you could talk to your Daddy about the problem and try to set aside some time for play? Or maybe ask if she could help you find an hour a day where you could just be little? Or in your case middle.

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Yay for 50's household!! thought right now due distance I am a pampered brat so I get the help of a maid once a week and I am not expected to do a lot of things, but now that we will see each other more often he has decided to start to get a bit more strict.


Since your child is a teenager and you are a middle perhaps you can do silly stuff together and that will help if you can't find the time to go fully into little space very often. You also need to be realistic and ask for help or be a bit less hard on yourself to free up some time for it. It is not selfish, it will help you be a better mother, wife, slave and little :D


For the record I am also married to Daddy and we have an energetic demon toddler that sometimes bullies me a bit lol. We have been married for 4 years but living apart due visa paperwork. Also a middle/pet/slave with some bimbo thrown into the mix.

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I like to listen to music that makes me feel little and dance while I clean. Also it helps if you think of your to do list as chores instead of grown up responsibilities. Maybe have your partner give you praise for completing chores. 

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i am a stay-at-home mom to 4 children ages 11 months - 8 years old. my responsibilities feel neverending! Plus, Daddy runs His own business and needs my help sometimes. So i have a constant list of adult responsibilities!

i actually do struggle with finding ways to enjoy my little/middle space.

When Daddy and i play a grown up card game like Magic the Gathering (W/we are geeks, i know!) i try to keep my cutesy playfulness. i snuggle my stuffie, Jasper, when W/we watch movies together. i will say cute "little" things pretty regularly and share smiles with Daddy over it, but it is hard to let go and be completely in "littlespace" i am hoping one of these days it just happens again!

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