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Explaining ddlg to a vanilla


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Hi! Im new here but I have a great question. The girl inhave recently started talking to has so many little traits but she is very opinionated and judgemental and a wee bit close minded to the Topic of ddlg and just finds it weird. I'd like a way to explain it to her in the simplest way that is exactly what it is with out using the term daddy (She finds the term weird and so that makes it hard to explain) shes also incredibly independent. I can't break it down well enough to explain it simply it has so many levels to it. I think the best way I can thi k of it to explain what a little is and how a common ddlg relationship works but as I've only had my curiousity on Tumblr idk how to word it
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Just be blunt, explain it to the best of your ability I guess. 


The biggest misconception about the dynamic is that its pedophallic, so once that hump is passed over. The rest should be easy, i'd imagine. Different people react to it differently, so you can just hope that shes as understanding as you'd like!


Best of luck

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Following up on what Nihilus said, maybe use the term caregiver, instead of daddy? I know daddy can come off wrong with people sometimes.. but probably just explaining it as best as you can and differentiating the dd/lg dynamic and pedophilia so they know that cg/l dd/lg relationships aren't at all pedophilic and all that.


Hope this helps, and good luck!

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There's an old episode of Will and Grace that talks about relationships. The characters talk about how every relationships consists of a "flower" and its "gardener." It's something I like to use to give a VERY basic explanation of DDLG. 


Truthfully, it is something that is very difficult to explain. My Daddy had never heard of DDLG, so I found it easier to introduce small, specific changes over time rather than try to teach him all about DDLG. 

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