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Making Personal Ads, annoyingly hard.

Guest Volkmane1985

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Guest Volkmane1985

Afternoon all,


Does anyone else have this problem?


I go to type out an Ad so I can find my Little and I just get stuck with what to type.


I know that it's best to be honest and tell people what you're into as well as what sort of Little you are looking for, plus the type of relationship you are after.  I just seem to find it difficult.


Isn't life fun?  Lol.


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Guest Prima-Donna

Just write from the heart. Try making a story of your dream life with your little and include character traits you deem important in a potential partner. Talk a little bit about yourself so people know who you are and how good of a CG you'd be. It's hard to put what's on your mind into words, I know how you feel. Write about the DDlg life you want and need.

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Ah I understand, man. I get so anxious with stuff like that. I finally got so fed up with myself and was able to do it(even though hardly anyone responded >_<).

Maybe you can find a way to force yourself to write it. It seems like you know what to include. Also, make sure it reflects your personality.

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Guest Volkmane1985

Something I always forget when I post topics/discussion here is how helpful the community is, though I'm reminded quickly :)


At the moment I tend to look at ads from UK Littles and contact them, bit of a cop out but until I can get words onto the screen it's the best I can do.


Although it is annoying when they suddenly stop talking *shrugs* we're all human.

Edited by Volkmane1985
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Guest Princessaj

Hi and thanks for asking us to be a part of your DDlg adventure...


I read tons of personals of all kinds (DDlg and Vanilla) because I am curious to see who is really putting themselves out there or who is writing exactly the same thing as everyone else. What I can tell you is that 90% of the ads are pretty much the same and not personal at all. I think being personal in what and how you write makes all the difference. 


Standing out doesn't mean giving away info that makes you uncomfortable, rather, that which sets you apart and puts you out in front.  


To spark some confidence, stir your juices and prompt you to configure what you want to share and what to say of who you want to find, consider the following list of suggestions.


In any order you choose...be chatty, tell a story...once upon a time..give it color, use your voice/how you talk and make it Pop! These things also work great for your profiles too.


1. Your personality, are you upbeat, comedic, like pranks, good listener, adventurous, homebody, great friend, reliable, edgy, down to earth, head in the clouds, sexy, humble, sassy, Rocker, Goth, sexual preference,...most of all show a few sides of you...first impression, I am meeting you for the first time kind of thing...


2. What you look like physically...height, hair color/length, eye color, body type, piercings, tattoos, ethnicity, wear glasses? what is your best feature or what people complement you on. Do you resemble someone, an actor, singer that people can relate to


3. You are looking for a monogamous, poly, friends, sexual, non-sexual, 24/7, long distance,...say why this important to you?


4. Do you want a little, middle..do some research so you know what characteristics are most common in the age range they relate to and some of what they like to do that you are attractive to you. Talk their talk. This is a very attractive effort on your part. The same goes for wanting a Daddy, Mummy, Care Giver...


5. Why you like being a Daddy, little, etc.....activities, the way you dress, how you found DDlg, even if you don't know yet, say so and say what you would like to try, a perfect day with your partner in DDlg would look like this...


6. You can talk about common/in real life things if you feel that it better defines you, your job, volunteer work, close to your family, have children, have pets, want pets, stay fit, want to get fit, goals for the future...just saying these words don't bring it to life, include details, "a dog" is not as attractive as, "I have a new Spaniel, brown and white puppy that I rescued from the shelter named Rufus. His favorite thing to do right now is to eat my shoes."


7. Interests are what most people connect on...Music-new music you just discovered even if it's old-concert you want to see, sports, books, movies, hobbies, video gamer/games, write, paint, sew, work on cars, bake/cook, travel-where have you been, where you want to go...maybe put a link in to one of your favorites...


8. What you are looking for physically...height, hair color/length, eye color, body type, piercings, tattoos, ethnicity, wear glasses? what is their best feature or what people complement them on. Do they resemble someone, an actor, singer that people can relate to? Preferences are natural and make people happy, ask for what you want. If you are open to whatever, say so.

The biggest and best part of looking for that special someone is that you will never get what you want unless you ask. Happy to help with ideas, style and sensibility. Feel free to friend and message. Hugs
Edited by Princessaj
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