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I'm very lucky - a letter to my Daddy


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This is a letter to my Daddy, for whom I know I am so lucky to have .


It's because of you that all my years of pain and suffering were worth it..


It's because of you that I am getting stronger and better every day...


It's because of you that I am facing my fears and my demons every day of the year , that I would normally never do.


It's all because of you.



Deep down I know, that what we have is special. That what we do is beautiful.


I understand there is times where we aren't together and you must work long hard days ...


But just know I am always there for you and thinking about you. Your so beautiful , from the moment I saw your picture for the first time I knew i wanted you as my Daddy.



We've been on so many dates , we've spoken so many words , we've seen movies , we've seen our friends..


We've kissed every chance we get...


And held each other so tight we couldn't breathe some times ...


Your broken just like me... you have your problems too..


But that's okay because we can be broken together . We don't have to be alone anymore in this world ...


When you said , will you be mine forever ... I couldn't help but smile ..


My heart swelled with joy and happiness as you slid on my promise ring , and spent Valentine's Day with me in that beautiful hotel with wonderful Chinese food from that fancy restaurant you got us reservations for weeks in advance ...


You showered me with flowers, even had your sister do my nails and hair , I wore a beautiful dress you picked out.. with tall black boots that you bought so my feet wouldnt freeze in the winter cold...


We've been together for so long , it's almost 8 months now, you said you wanted to collar me , even if you don't understand fully the meaning behind the collar and your new to being a Daddy ...


You knew how much it meant for me to have it so we picked it out together ...


I know I'll wear it with pride , knowing I am yours forever .


And next summer , you will buy my engagement ring , a princess cut rose gold halo ring , so small for my small hands , so precious it must survive the next 50 years of our lives together.


You always knew I was what you wanted ...


And you always knew I would say yes .



We will always be together now, forever and always ...


My soulmate, my partner , my Daddy Dominant , my best friend...


I'm proud to be your submissive and best friend and true love ...



Let's make this lifetime worth it together ..


I love you Daddy Ryan .


Your my world and my everything .



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