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Disruption to routine


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Do you feel really hurt and paranoid when things disrupt you and your Daddy's routine?


No good morning/night messages.


No kisses before they go to work.


I feel really sad when it happens then sadder because I feel silly for getting sad about something so trivial.

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I get sad Sometimes when Daddy can't call me before or after work . As we tend to do it every day . But I never get paranoid about it . I trust in my Daddy that he will try his best to fix it when he can . So I stay happy until then.
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Yea, it does suck. When you're used to something and then it gets taken away abruptly it hurts but you kinda just have to push on and smile anyway.

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Guest infinitecases

I think it's normal to feel like that! I would get sad at the fact that I could get so excited over a good morning message from Daddy as if it's not meant to happen.. I think I got so used to it happening everyday and then it stopped. Or the fact we stopped talking about loving eachother as much anymore! 


Asking them to do it is worse because then they're doing it because you told them to and people mostly forget again later down the line  :unsure:


Hope you feel better about it soon though :) They might be trivial things but it doesn't hurt anyone to tell your Daddy about it, or you could initiate it first to see if he then remembers to do it the next time! I think people just forget/dismiss it as they get more comfortable in the relationship and the things they used to do before, or at the start, don't seem to be so important anymore. 

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