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My supposed to be daddy is ignoring me

Cupcake Lover

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Helllo fellow littles

So me and my "daddy" got to know each other about a week ago and after that it all went quite quick cause days days later he asked me to be his little but now he won't reply to my messages so I asked him that if it's not working for him to say to me cause don't know what to do and don't want to have hope for something not possible

HELP I need advice please

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Guest JekyllTheMysticalDaddy
Is he reading your messages? If so, that is an issue. If not, it's possible he is just busy and can't get to the phone. It happens a lot, and I say this with experience, when things move quickly. I've had littles ghost me, I'm not at all assuming that, but it happens. I'm not sure how long he's been ignoring but I'd give it at least another day if it was just today
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Firstly i would say dont panic maybe something has came up and he can't reply to you at the minute .. if the messages are just delivered and not read then that may be the case .. if they are read then maybe he is ghosting but i hope not .. just give it some time and try not to worry too much if he doesnt reply then hes not a good daddy at all i hope u hear from him soon either way tho
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A week ago got to know each other... days later asked to be your daddy... now he is not answering.


From that I can assume he hasn't been replying you straight away but it hasn't been more than a day or two? life happens and sometimes to freak out about it blows in your face. The title of daddy is earned, you gave him a chance to earn it when you said yes to being his little, however don't think of him as your daddy yet, it's too soon.


I would say give him space, stop texting him and let him get back to you when he can... and if he doesn't get back to you then be thankful this happened sooner rather than later. But if he does contact you and explains what happened then make sure to tell him how you felt and what he could have done to avoid this, hopefully he will learn from it and won't happen again.

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