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Being Little In College


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This post is dedicated to Sachita who asked for advice on being little in college and managing a full course load. I am posting my response here and hopefully, it can help someone else whether you're entering school after being away so long or you're just looking for tips on being little in college. So how do you discipline yourself with regards to assignments or attending class, and what could someone do to satisfy their little side while on campus?


Before we get into all of that, a bit of background on myself. I am 30 and a full-time biology major who is interested in the science and not a pre-med degree. I am in my third semester now after being out of school for 11 years. When I decided to go back to school and it was insanely nerve-wracking but I quickly realized it was also brilliant because I had this maturity allowed me to make the best out of my school experience. Not saying you cannot be young and mature! That was just my experience.  I was even more nervous when I realized my little side smack dab in the middle of my first semester. But I have survived so far and thrived and you can too.


The biggest piece of advice I can give is don't be too hard on yourself or over critical. No one is taking time out of their busy schedule to sit there and watch you like an ant under a microscope. 


So how do incorporate being little into your campus life, especially since you can’t run around in pink unicorn pajamas? Personally, I spend over 40 hours a week on my campus I refuse to deny who I am just to better myself because part of bettering myself is embracing who I am. So some tips:


  • Carry around a smaller stuffie in your backpack so you know they are always there even if you never take them out you will always have a friend with you. If you want to sit him on the table in the library while studying and anyone ask, it's there for stress releif.
  • Bring your own lunch and snacks. For one it’s cheaper and two if you do you can always keep a really special treat on you like a candy bar, cupcake etc... and 'reward' yourself after a hard class or as motivation to keep the day going. 
  • No one ever said your school supplies can't be cute. Cute folders, a cute pencil case, a binder decorated in stickers. http://https://kawaiipenshop.com/collections/pencil-cases
  • My personal favorite is a monthly ritual I have where I take the time to scrapbook the monthly spread in my planner for the upcoming month. Not only does it give me a creative break, it actually makes me excited to use my planner which is without a doubt an absolute must in college.
  • I also keep a sticker chart so I can keep up with regular chores such as making my bed, cleaning my room, doing laundry etc.. because with school it is uber easy to forget those things.
  • When you're having a long study session take a 30 min break every once in a while and enjoy your favorite cartoon, but only if you put your all into studying! Think of it as a reward for hard work.
  • Between classes, it's not so strange, at least on my campus, to see people coloring. If you're between classes and you don't absolutely have to study, take the time to color, enjoy a juice box and a special treat. If you feel odd, use an adult coloring book, those are fun too!
  • Don't forget you can dress in subtle ways that make you feel little such as a cute t-shirts or a cute outfit, nothing that screams DDlg but something that reminds you of your little self. For me I have a knee length lace floral skirt, a few Hello Kitty tops (she's universal not at all out of place to see an adults wearing her too), a few cute hair bows, some cute and fun socks (cause no one is going to judge socks on a college campus, just maybe nothing overly frilly or overtly little) and you may occasionally catch me with pink sparkle nail polish.
  • If you like sippy cups get a water bottle that almost acts like one, such as: https://www.amazon.com/Disney-Minnie-Double-Walled-Tumbler/dp/B00UGEKQ9A/ref=sr_1_11?s=kitchen&ie=UTF8&qid=1502894729&sr=1-11&keywords=disney+tumbler+cup

Just be aware that now that you are in college you are absolutely going to have to budget your time if you want to make time for littlespace. This is where your planner comes in. And hoenstly if you want to sit on the lawn between classes and blow bubbles do it if you want to practice origami or sit there drawing between classes do it. I don't know how uptight the students on your campus but on mine most students are just looking to cope with classes and when they can be silly and have a bit of fun they do they don’t wait for student life to host an event.


Hope this helps some and thank you Sachita for the inspiration! :heart:  :heart:  :heart:


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Guest ~*~Sachita~*~

Thank you so much for posting this!!! 


I scoured the forums looking for advice about being little in college but found nothing that was anywhere close to being as comprehensive as this.


It is such a relief to hear someone say that students will be too wrapped up in their own studies to care if I am hiding a stuffie in my backpack or coloring between classes. 


Twilight Sparklez, you are a fucking goddess.  Thank you, far all of the amazing advice.

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