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I don't know why I'm writing this. ^.^♥

Guest LittlePuddin

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Guest LittlePuddin

(I don't even have a Mommy/Daddy/CG. Lol.)



My teddies make me feel so happy and full of joy. I look at them and they make me feel safe, it's something I could never explain to anyone unless they felt it too.

Maybe it's their smiling faces, or the love I pour into them every time I hug them so tight I think the seams might pop!

I love the feeling of being protected from the monsters hiding under my bed as well as in my mind, by a light that never stops shining, called Mommy/Daddy/CG.

I love not being looked at strange for crying or being confused or making a silly mistake.

I love eating cold ice cream with my hands in summer because I know that I can have bath time afterwards.

I love taking my Daddy's/Mommy's/CG's clothing and them only looking at me funny because they know it's out of love.

I love their fingers on my scalp, running them though my thick hair.

I love when on a lazy day they look at me and call me their 'Good girl' for absolutely no reason.

I love going shopping and seeing them take stuff out of the cart that I tried to sneak in, or giving into my begging for extra sweets that I shyly tucked into the cart.

I love that all my Teddies love my Mommy/Daddy/CG as much as I do (Or just a little less than I do.).

I love that Mommy/Daddy/CG forgives me when I throw a fit because they know that I have trouble with my emotions sometimes.

I love when Mommy/Daddy/CG love all of the silly things I say, or my bad singing.

I love Mommy/Daddy/CG.

I just do.


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Guest StonerBaby
You dont have to have a cg to write how wonderful it feels...im glad you know the joy of being little and allow yoyrself to enjoy it freely even on your own..
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