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Experienced dom, new daddy.


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Hey there folks! I'm getting into a situation with a little that may or may not pan out. But she brought up interest in DDlg which got me reading and learning. It's intriguing but I know so little I'd like a general idea of people's style if they're willing to share. I read a couple of the threads here about punishment, boundaries, etc. but I don't see persona's. I put on a master hat often, a submissive hat occasionally, a loving hat in relationships; but I've never been a father, nor a daddy. So this hat is confusing.


I saw that no two daddies or littles are alike, but the dynamic is completely foreign. Any help would be appreciated.


Specific questions if they help your answer:


She is sexual (and will be having me do other stuff aside from DDlg) so how does that dynamic work in character?


As with my submissives, I've opened line of communication about boundaries likes and dislikes early in order to respect her and my personal likes; when I get parameters for her style of little, how do I focus on making the situation right for her?


Punishment/reward factors and options?


Physical affection outside of sexual is a necessity it seems, when is either more appropriate or less appropriate?


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Guest DaddyBuddha

Hello there, first of all welcome to the forums or the style.


The meaning of daddy doesn't always mean a father, Google daddy and you'll get


the oldest, best, or biggest example of something.

"the daddy of all potholes"

the best or most successful person.

noun: the daddy

"it's you who's calling the shots now—you're the daddy"


As for your little, girls are fragile creatures surrounded by predators and there's only one guy she would return to knowing that he won't use her or exploit that weakness in her, someone she can trust and love knowing that person accepts her as she is.


When a girl tells her bf that she's a little, it means that she has special needs, but if those needs are fulfilled so are the rewards that come with it. Being a daddy doesn't mean you control every aspect of her life, but it can be giving her advice when she needs it, comforting her, listening to her and hell, playing with her hair while she's going to sleep is a huge plus for them.


As for your for your punishment and rewards, you can see what she likes, usually dolls or stuffed animals or fun clothes. A punishment can be many things, spanking, clippers, wax, ropes, taking away her toys, or simply just not talk to her and tell her how disappointed you are. It really depends on the situation, i had to reprogram my little subconscious to make her think positive, made her write "i am beautiful and daddy loves me" 100 times. Use your creativity and be open about it. Talk to her and be honest, honesty doesn't hurt at all.

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Hi there.


The best way to know how to go about being a Daddy for your particular little--in my opinion--is to ask her!  My Daddy was brand new who started as an LDR boyfriend who is now my fiance, but I quickly saw Daddy qualities in him and shared with him my interest in DDLG. He was very interested, and we watched a few youtube videos together, two in particular that were helpful (if I find them, I'll pass you the links somehow).


My Daddy is younger than me and not used to relationships in general, much less LDR ones, much LESS a ddlg one, but he was open minded.  I've had little tendencies since I could remember, mostly kept them to myself, but all along, I researched and educated myself about this lifestyle since I was about 19 (i'm 31 now), so I had enough info, inspiration, and ideas to write my Daddy a few lists: Possible Punishments, Rewards, Things I Need, Things I Want.


I let Daddy decide which punishments and rewards he thought were acceptable, and the needs and wants were to let him know what I need and want as a little and when I'm in little space.


I see Daddy as someone to help me make decisions, tell me what to do (take charge) in our relationship, and make me feel safe when I'm at my most vulnerable (that's usually when little me comes out).  By default, my Daddy isn't naturally a caregiver, but for me he was willing to learn, and try.  We definitely carry ddlg into our sexual relationship as well.  At the end of the night, he kisses my stuffies and me through video chat, and tells me to go to bed when it's time, makes sure I eat enough and drink enough water, and tries his best to reassure me about the usual worries a little has.


Your little just wants to be the best little girl she can for you.  Littles are clingy and needy and bratty, but boy do we love our Daddy.  Treat her very gently while in little space, and never tell her to "grow up" or "stop bothering you"...care for her and nurture her like the little girl she is inside.  Reassurance is worth more than gold to a little.  Always remind her you're there for her and will protect her.  "It's okay, Daddy's here." is the best thing to hear when littles are in a vulnerable state.


Always give her a good morning kiss, midday kiss, and gn kiss!  Treat her with love even if you two don't say those specific words yet.

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