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Making Friend?


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Slight background:

I recently returned to the first job I ever had. It's been 5 years since I left it. I work as an over night awake staff in a residential home for developmentally disabled adults. I have a sleep staff that works with me. This is the last night of our work week; we work one week then are off for a week & repeat.

Anjo, my sleep staff, and I have been really talking and getting to know one another this entire week. She is very much a child at heart, but not a Little (that I can tell...) She and I love many of the same things: Scrump, popples, rainbow bright, Coloring, Lilo and Stitch, scary movies, etc.


Purpose of my topic:

I really think she and I could become really good friends, but I gots a problem... I don't know how to become friends with people...

What do I do?

Like, I got a birthday coming up, should I invite her for cake?

We have the same work schedule, do I ask her if she wants to hang out on a day off? If so, what should we do? What do people do when they hangout with a new person?

(Mind you, she is 35 and I am turning 25.)

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Guest infinitecases

Making friends isn't as complicated as you think! 


Talk to her whenever you have breaks on a shift. The birthday thing sounds good - invite her out when you're both off work and then you can spend some extra time together ^^

Hanging out is everything and anything you want it to be. You could go to the cinema and watch a movie you both like, go to the park and just sit, talk or walk around and look at the things, you could arrange a trip to an event or something like that!! It doesn't have to be hard, sometimes the simplest things like just meeting up for a coffee or a drink or a nice meal and just talking is really nice! 

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Guest LittlePuddin

Okay, relax. Typical people normally want to connect with other people, and chances are higher if they have things in common. Be yourself, but don't come off too invasive. Talk to her, ask her how her day was, and about other stuff that she might like. Making a friend is a very exciting thing because you have a whole new person to discover! If she's shy, try talking to her a little more before inviting her out, but if things seem okay, then go for it. If you go out, try going shopping, even if you don't buy anything. Once time me and my friend when into a book store only to make fun of the cheesy romance novels. Try going to get a bite to eat or see a movie, these are just typical things people do. Find out what you both like doing and customize your event to your liking.


Hope this helps!

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I must say that I have issues with this as well, but I think I can give you advise that I wish I had taken many times before and didn't because I was "too nervous" 


You should get her cell phone number, text her off the clock, get to know each other a bit more, and I think inviting her over for cake sounds like a great idea! Fiends can be friends no matter the age. At my job my best work friend is 32 while I am 23 and we click with no problem! Don't think too hard about it, and just go for it! (:



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