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Being a selfish Little


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There are so many great things about being a little for me that I've just discovered in just a wee of being officially apart of the community, and I'm very grateful for this forum and how it's helped me understand this whole thing a bit better, but I've run into a bit of a problem...


The other night right before my Daddy and I were about to get ready for bed and I had been slightly in little space (I think I've heard that being called "between spaces"?) when he got a phone call from his mother. She was telling him about the health of this ill grandmother (she had MS and other issues dealing with the heart) and naturally he was taking it a bit hard.


It's hard for me to see him so upset, because generally he's so upbeat and generally takes care of my poutty butt, but this time it was his turn. Being not fully in big space I had not approached the situation correctly. I was trying to play around with him, and make him laugh so he would feel better, but that isn't what he needed from me at the time. He needed to me to put my big girl panties on and just cuddle him and be there for him, and let him be sad.


The big problem is is that I had taken his reaction personally when he didn't laugh at my jokes or smile at me being silly. It hurt my feeling and acted like a brat in turn. He was in no place to cater to me, but it was hard for me to see in the moment. Eventually after he had just gone to bed upset and I stayed up to feel sorry for myself I realized that I had been in the wrong, and that's really hard for me to admit sometimes. I had gone to snuggle him and apologized, and we were all good from then, but how do I be better for him?


What is a good way to pull out of little space when I'm really needed in big space? Is there any certain way you guys turn the switch off? Thank you in advance for any advice given.



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Guest DucklingMike

You don't have to be big to be there for your daddy.


There was a situation in where one of my friends (a daddy dom) had received some really bad news. While he wasn't my daddy, I knew exactly what to do! I gave him my stuffie, hugged him and cuddled with him while he was sad, and I told him I was here for him. He eventually cheered up a bit and thanked me for being there. I even got a head pat and a lollipop! Littles can be there for CGs just like they're there for us. We just have our own separate ways of approaching things.

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