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Finally accepted being a little


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That's adorable hun! =^.^= I'm so happy to hear that you found your happiness and comfort in the community! I'd love to be your friend because I currently am passively seeking for some little friends to talk to about this kinda stuff. I know what it's like to kind of be in the middle of everything. 

I only got into the lifestyle a year ago but the fun part was figuring out all the little things about me hehe. Honestly hun, don't worry about trying to slap a label on your age. I JUST figured out my age a few weeks ago. What matters is what activities you like to partake in rather than what age group you fit into, I mean, it does help and all but it's not a big deal.  :blush:

Personally, I am not into ABDL myself; but I could imagine the toughness. You should definitely check out Binkie Princess on youtube ! You'll REALLY like her! She has hauls for online shopping for ABDL and stuff. I buy everything DDLG related online so I can avoid all the awkwardness because I too struggle with anxiety and feeling like everyone is judging me for the smallest things.

 I am ALWAYS down to chat whenever you'd like, hun. I know the struggle... you should never have to face these complications alone.  :p  Even if you don't want to talk about super deep stuff, i'm always down for some little chitchat! :blush:

Btw, congrats on the second year of university! Huge accomplishment!


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