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Just Passing Through

Guest Stinkin'ol'Fred

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Guest Stinkin'ol'Fred

I drive this road occasionally. I go past places we shared moments together. I think about how happy I was when I was with you there. I keep picturing what it felt like to have a smile on my face. It's so fresh in my mind that I can almost for a split second go back there and be there again. You loved me then. You kissed me in those places. You loved me there. You had me.

I wonder, if I were to stop just to walk around, could I still feel you there? Even if it were only for a moment? Could I hear the trees whisper what they saw? Would it take me back to when you loved me and have everything feel okay again in that moment? Could I set down in the grass, close my eyes, and feel the touch of your hand upon my cheek? Or the warmth of your body surrounding me in a hug? Could I catch your scent riding along the breeze and have it remind me of how you held me close and looked at me like I could fill your longing for affection? I'd hope so. I'd hope it could linger there still.

Though I know I'd be left yearning, I'd give anything if these places could retain their memories for my selfish need to feel you with me again. I wouldn't ask for much, only a moment's flash, to get me through one more lonely night. To banish this empty, cold void for one moment. To relieve the painful feeling at least until I made it back home so passing by these places felt like passing by just another road or street sign.post-56460-0-84626900-1503474353_thumb.jpg

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