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trying to be better.

Guest pinklemonade

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Guest pinklemonade

Hi, thanks for reading this! My Daddy is super amazing and he does allot for me so I'm trying to be better for him, allot better and I'm trying to highlight areas I can improve on without being too dependent on my daddy as he has lots of work to do. I mainly want to be there for him when he needs to de-stress but also make him know just how special and important he is to me. I was wondering if any of you had any advice, or any examples of ways you let your S.O know how important they are to you and show that you love and respect them ?  :rolleyes:  

Thank you,

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I would advise you to ask your Daddy to take the 5 love languages test. :) It can help you to get to know what can you do to show him your love the way he, lets say, "prefers".

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Guest pinklemonade

I would advise you to ask your Daddy to take the 5 love languages test. :) It can help you to get to know what can you do to show him your love the way he, lets say, "prefers".

thank you ! I'll make sure to do this ! xxx

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Guest ~*~Sachita~*~

There is a post going around on Tumblr called What Daddy Doms Secretly Need From Our Girls, here it is:


1. Love & Affection: All Daddies typically should love their little girls to pieces. If that love and affection is not returned openly, it can hurt, and simply erode Daddy’s heart.


2. Treat Daddy like Daddy. We are not light switches…Just as you- ( the little girl) loves Daddy to treat you like his precious little Princess- sometimes us Daddies need a kind remark or gesture from you to let us know we are doing a good job.


3. Take a moment and do something proactive. Do an unsolicited thing for Daddy. Make him a special surprise Dinner or his Fave dessert.


4. Get dressed up little for Daddy. Flaunt that little side maybe with piggy tails, a cute dress and something to melt his Daddy heart and make it all warm and fuzzy.


5. Turn your Daddy’s arm into your crutch. Do not be afraid to take his hand and arm, and cling to it like velcro when out in public.


6. On days when you sense Daddy is grumpy from the weight of the world on his shoulders, - Comfort him- nuzzle him, curl up in his lap and give him soft tender kisses or better yet suck on his cock like it was your pacifier.


7. Before bed, spend just 2 minutes and lay your head upon his chest. Say something- (anything) heart-warming to him and ALWAYS give him that little girl kiss good night.


8. Reassure Daddy that you are his one and only babygirl.


9. Just jump in Daddy’s lap- tickle and giggle at him and give him soft scratches to his back.


10. Initiate the physical side more ! Be playful, be kinky- be raw - to get his juices flowing.


11. Pretend to be sleeping as you suddenly begin to play wiggle butt into Daddy to get him hard.


12. If you wake up before Daddy, -start playing with his privates, kiss, lick and suck him all over !


13. Ask Daddy how his Day was and what you can do to make it even better.


14. Allow Daddy to be your caretaker, your hero, your protector- to keep the evil monsters away.


15. Pretend you need help with something with the purpose to get Daddy near you and nuzzle your face in his neck and give kisses.


16. Allow yourself to trust in Daddy's words. You being independent is fine, but allow Daddy his ego, his pride, his Dom side- meaning- Do not TOP your Daddy! Learn how to communicate without sounding demanding or commanding or as if you are the one in control. That is a major no-no…(unless Daddy accepts you and wants you as a switch)


17. Make Daddy take you to a playground, have him push you on the swing !


18. Tell Daddy he is handsome, and strong, and how proud you are to have him- (even if he is a short, thin, - average looking man like me) Even us Daddies need an ego boost from time to time. LOL )


19. Purposely do something fun-lovingly wrong, knowing you want spankings and Daddy will happily give them to you.


20. Be Daddy’s little lady when you have to be and his lusting -dirty- naughty little girl in the bedroom.


21. Daddy should always come first…Treat Daddy the way he treats you.


22. Make something by hand for Daddy. Color him a pretty picture !


23. When you see Daddy getting upset- Calm him down with your fingers to the area behind his ear- and speak to him in a soft warm voice to sooth him.


24. Let Daddy know when your hormones are going wacky and you may need to have private alone girl time so you dont bite off his head or cock off in anger when you are grumpy from physical girl issues.


25. Never tell Daddy NO !!!!! Learn how to rephrase words to softly give Daddy other options if you do not wish to do something.


26. Give Daddy that precious little girl voice and sad pouty face from time to time when you need his help with something.


27. Send Daddy one naughty picture each day- while he is at work at his job to make him smile.


28. Be Daddy’s best friend…


29. Ask Daddy to paint your finger nails and toe nails…


30. Text him ( “ I want you - come home and jump on me now” ! ) when he is at work… lol


31. Just randomly start jumping up and down on the bed.


32. Ask Daddy to pick you up and twirl you around the room until you both tumble over from getting dizzy.


33. Play hide and seek on Daddy.


34. Never refuse Daddy’s touch…


35. If you do not get a phone call or message from Daddy, maybe- Just maybe he is waiting for you to miss him…


36. When Daddy is in the shower, surprise him- jump in there with him !


37. Send Daddy off to the store, - so that when he returns, he finds you all naked with a pretty bow on your tummy - as you were waiting for him on the bed or couch.


38. Sing songs and or dance for Daddy in the house !!!!


39. Accept in your heart that a truly good Daddy loves and cares about you though thick and thin. You need to be the same way. When you are hurting, allow Daddy to be your Rock, and when Daddy is hurting, you his queen, should always protect your King !!


40. You wanted a Daddy, you have a Daddy, now do what ever you must to keep your Daddy happy.


*I did not come up with this material, this is not my opinion, and I do not know the source (other than Tumblr)*

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Have you ever heard of the "Silver Rule": The "Golden Rule" is do onto others as you would have them do onto you. The "Silver Rule" is do onto others as they would have you do onto them. Everyone is a unique individual and will have different preferences and distastes. Be sure to pay attention to your partner and see how he responds to your actions. Also, I would suggest talking to him and asking him what he likes or prefers. for example my wife likes to be held, have me listen without comment, and tell her I love her when she is upset. On the rare occasions I truly get upset, I prefer to be left alone. In these situations it is best to provide the other with what they need.

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