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Diapers... cloth or not?


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Hi everyone

I guess it's question for ABDLs.

I was wondering which diapers do you prefer, disposable or cloth ones?

I am thinking on getting my first diapers ever and am not sure which ones to pick...

I would like the cloth ones but don't know if they're comfortable. What do you think?

What are your experiences? :)

And maybe... where to buy them?

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Guest ☆ star ☆

I've only ever had disposable ones, and I love how they feel! If you're not worried about them being cute, ExMed has a good selection. o/

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I like both for different things. Cloth are definitely comfortable though they can be more bulky they can also be quieter. They also come in many different varieties. All in one diapers include a waterproof cover and are verry similar to disposables in how they are put on. Prefold diapers are shaped correctly but need plastic pants over them. 




As for where to buy I will give a few suggestions.


for cloth diapers





for disposables

wearing couds* 

tranquility ATN (just google them for a supplier or use amazon)


* if you want to try disposables this is an excellent source to try. They sell individual diapers allowing you to try many different brands. Per diaper they are more expensive but you only need to purchase one. They cover many of the disposable ABDL diapers out there.

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My favorite are Rearz Safari .. so great! :) ... Cute and if you use it they are better than others. 


Tranquility brand in America we can have free samples... nice way to try it. They are doing a OK job, but not Cute ! ... 


Clothes one : if you are sewing you can make one yourself!! ... I can be less expensive and very Cute.  


If you are small person you can buy Kidz diapers/pullups ... the larger size.. if you fit in Girls undies 14-16 you can fit in Easyups or similar ...  


Wanderer did a great job telling you all these infos! :) ...   I guess the right diaper for you depend on so many different things, you'd be better to try and adapt it later.  

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Diapersewingsupplies.com has some AMAZING prints in diaper fabrics. (It's called PUL.) If you plan to go with cloth but don't want something bulky, make sure you get bamboo or hemp fabrics for the absorbing parts. They hold more liquid than cotton!
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