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I'm so confused. Help?


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Okay so a few months ago I kinda figured I was a little. But now it's like I don't feel as though I am. Like I feel like a fraud because I think I was obsessed with the idea and tryed to be what I wasn't.


But I do act little sometimes just not often so idk if I'm really a little.

Is being a little something you are or something you can decide to become? Or a mixture of both maybe?


Im sorry if this makes no sence :(

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From my experience being little is who you are very few have to try at it. I don't think or have to try and act little I am just am. Sometimes I am a little less sometimes I am full on regression. But that said there are people who aren't littles but are completely or partially childlike in their daily lives and there is nothing wrong with that. Remember labels are just boxes, if you're not planning to ship yourself off somewhere you don't have to put yourself in one.  Do what makes you happy, if you're not a little well you tried it and now you know. Still like coloring or playing with toys or maybe dressing all cute then do it.  :heart:  *glitter*  :heart:

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Sometimes when I'm too stressed I wont go into little space or do anything little and it feels like I'll never be little again. Maybe your problem is that you're over thinking it? Just let go and see where it takes you. No ones going to think you're a fraud for trying something. 

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