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Erotic stories


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Ah, hello! Could you possibly write a story about a daddy and little during bathtime? Feel free to take the story whatever direction you'd like. I only request that there be healthy affection, a fluffy towel, and some rough rewards. Thank you in advance!  :heart:

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Interesting, I've spent quite some time in places on Reddit (not too sure about policies referring to other websites, I hope this is okay, if not - edit it or let me know) last year where both parties create a story together. It was a great way to explore this dynamic and it's always fun to see what people come up with, and what they emphasize. Looking forward to see what you write!

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Guest JimJamsDD

MMMmmmm Yes - Bath time!!! - I was just texting a bath time story with a little and it was a lot of fun!

Can I coin Bexting?
I mean it wasnt sexting but bath time has its own bunch of warm bubbly feelings.

I'd also like to read about the most sincere and caring moments of cgl be it stroking hair and singing lullabies for night night or other things
and yes please then get kinky as fuck!  :D  :wub:  :D  :wub:  :D  :wub:  :D

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