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Jewelry Organization?


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Hey guys!

Does anyone have any cute ideas for how to organize my jewelry? I mostly have bracelets and earrings, but I also want a nice way to display my fancy collar when I don't get to wear it. 


I am looking for something CUTE!!!!


Thanks guyyyys.

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Going to a craft store in the jewelry department.....kind of dangerous for me because I design jewelry haha! But they have amazing jewelry displays and props. They can sometimes be expensive, buuuut if you have a Michaels, JoAnn's, or AC Moore, they usually have a 40% off a single item coupon. I also like using wooden coathangers with the little dowels to put necklaces on. Earrings you can take a wire waste basket and flip it upside down, voila! I have a pretty purple one and I decorated it to look super pretty! Another option is getting an old picture frame or window frame, and putting screen wire on the inside so you can hang the frame and just use hooks to hang your jewelry from there. Hope this helps, good luck! :)
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I made my Daddy a special custom collar case with a velvet lining for my play collar. My day collar obviously is always around my neck with the key around my Daddy's neck. Custom can often bring a very special meaning to things.
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