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Rainy day stories. story 1


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As the sun goes down the stars wake up, and they play about in the sky.  If you stare up at the long enough you might start to see why.  Can you see the bear cub as he runs around up there? the dragon telling stories and the lion roaring? Can you see the warroir with his sword held up? All of the stars tell a story. and I'll tell you one today.


Once upon a time when the sky was new and there was no stars there was a little girl no one knew.  she slept under a willow tree and sang with the wind. Her eyes were bright as the moon, who still loved near the sea. and her brown as the dirt just beneath your feet. 

Each night she would sing, as the wind blew softly. each night she sang the same song so rightly.

she sang  

"up there where there is no light it must be so lonely. 

up there where there is no friends it must be so dark

one day I day I wish the night would shine just as bright as the day. 

up there where there is no light it must be so lonely"

every one around her listen to her song as they drifted to sleep. the warrior, the dragon, the crab, and the bears. the snake and the sheep and every one you see up there.  they got so use to the girl singing that when the girl grew sick they couldn't sleep!

they would look up that dark night sky all night.  They all gathered up one night and made a plan. 

On the first night the moon went into the sky,  but with out her friends the moon didn't shine bright at all. so the next night the mother bear and the bear cub joined the moon, and each night following some one else would move up into the sky, and fill it bright with their love for the little girl.

when every one had moved into the sky the little girl had felt their love and got better! but no one knew how to get back to earth, they were stuck!  they all started to cry and their lights started to go out one by one. 

until one day, beneath a willow tree they heard a song, and they shined so brightly that night that the girl stayed up all night singing,

"twinkle twinkle little stars, how i wonder how you are, up above the world so high, like diamonds in the sky, twinkle twinkle little stars, how i wonder how you are" 


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