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Hi everyone 


I was wondering if any of you know any photographers or places that do age play photo shoots as I would really like to have some professional photos taken of me in little space! 



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Guest jimmy3737

That's a tough one.  I am sure they exist.  I know many amateur photographers like myself.  But most of us have other jobs, so location and timing can be an issue.  If you know what you want in the photos in terms of content, it would be helpful.  If you know someone with a good camera and a good eye, I would have them start snapping pics and see if you can do a short storyboard of what you want.  Then go back and have them take more shots that content.  

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Guest Princessaj

What a fun idea. I am not a model, but have had many photo shoots just because a photographer liked my look or that they had an idea for a shoot that I fit their concept. Yes, I have had an adventurous afternoon in an amazing cemetery in Oakland California being asked to climb all over graves, tombstones and mausoleums for the sake of art.  


Photography is an art. Artists have broad and open minds. Not only do they adore that you are creating environments/settings/backdrops, costumes, props...

it brings out their expertise or need to practice their craft. You never once have to say "DDlg." You can say that you want the pictures for your portfolio. Today, everyone can be a model and shooters like to help models with their dreams too.


The best way to get pics and most of the time for free/for trade is to put an ad on Craigslist or at an art school. There are also photographers that post they are looking for models to shoot. The best kept secret is that photographers, both amateurs and professionals are looking to improve their portfolios, forever. The more detailed you are in your ad of what you want, the better.


Another way to go about finding a shooter is to join www.flickr.com (free) and look for photog's that have posted pictures that you think have a similar feel to what you are looking for. Location of where they are and you, will be a factor, but you may find someone that is right in your back yard. flickr.com is the mecca of everyday people that adore photography and most would be over the moon to be approached because you admire their work.


As for the business side of things, always ask for or provide a "model release" (can be easily found online for free) to be signed by both parties and make copies for each. If you are granting the photographer the right to use your images...it is usually for distribution everywhere and forever, unless specified. Example: If you don't want them earning money on your pics, specify that they are not to be sold...Also, do some research as to what cameras they shoot with and a little about lighting as that will be part of how they turn out. If you expect a professional look, you might want to hire a pro hair and make-up stylist that specifically knows the right technique for still photography, in studio or outside. The worst case scenario is being disapointed by the results because you did not do your homework and your expectation was not expressed clearly. Finally, bring a friend to not only help with props, set up, wardrobe changes, but to make certain you are safe. Please feel free to friend/message me about anything. Hugs  

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Jimmy. Thank you also for your reply, location and time I can see being issues myself but I would be happy with an amateur. Thank you for your tips they are very much appreciated!
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