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Boyfriend and a platonic daddy


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I don't know if this has been discussed on here or not but I have this really close friend within the DDLG community who is a daddy. I wouldnt mind him being my daddy. I've never had a daddy and my current boyfriend doesn't want to be my daddy at all. No matter how much I explain to him that it isn't incest and its not paedo related he doesn't believe me.  I really want a daddy but I don't want to lose my boyfriend as we have been through so much together.

Anyway, I was wondering if there is any littles out there who have a boyfriend as well as a platonic daddy. Does it feel like you are cheating on your boyfriend? I guess I need reassurance that if I did ask him to be my daddy, I wouldn't be cheating on my boyfriend.


This is all ramble I know but if you understand any of what I wrote please help me.

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i think first and foremost you should discuss with your bf that you plan (or want) to ask your friend to be your daddy bc getting a daddy w/o telling him would be super wrong to do...that being said if everything is laid out and given the okay i feel like it could be possible to have a platonic daddy even though this relationship dynamic is hella personal and intimate and due to that all people involved need to be okay with everything.

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I think emotionally it will feel like cheating to your boyfriend unless you both agree to be poly.  Even platonic love is still sharing when it comes to intimacy. 

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