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Heyo, so I've known about this community for the past 2 years? I believe I learned about it when I was 15/16 but I'm not sure. I'm currently 18 and I have an unofficial partner online, we're unofficial because he lives in a different state than me and I need physical affection when it comes to relationships. He doesn't understand that and recently started questioning his feelings for me, even though he's constantly told me he understood and he didn't mind. I was also under the impression he was more dom ((because he told me that)) and than sub, and I know dom doesn't equal caregiver and sub doesn't equal little but I'm not sure if I'm 100% into dd/l and I lean more towards dom/sub stuff so I'm going to use that wording.


He's told me before that he leans more towards dom/caregiver and it worked for me because I lean more towards sub/little. On rare occasions I can be more dom but it is rare. He recently asked if I was into dd/l and I was was interested but I'd have to test it out to know, but he immediately jumped the gun and started talking about how he was a little and how he's been talking to other littles and all of this and it just made me extremely uncomfortable.


I'm kinda just dumping a lot of personal things but our relationship has been a bit one sided and this just came off more one sided to me. I don't know if I'm comfortable being with another sub/little simply because I like the idea of having a dom/caregiver. I know I should try it out and I shouldn't knock it before I try it but when he got even the slightest hint I wasn't interested he got upset and I'm not sure what to do.

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Why should you try it if you don't like it? I certainly wouldn't. You don't sound like a switch, or anything on that side of things, so do yourself a favour and end a clearly incompatible (for different reasons) "relationship"
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