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Poems/Abstract Writing (Caution: Trigger Warning On Some)


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The wind blows, it rolls all our work away, everything we build up over the years, all the walls we have built. It shatters it all amd takes away the barriers that hold us back, it lets us move forward but then, another wall, another barrier appears. The wind, it blows that over too, it takes it and throws it away like a leaf flowing in the wind, in a spring's breeze. When we cry, its like rain, showering down and washing away all the pain and cleansin our deepest cuts. After all the walls have been broken down, and our tears have cleansed all that was left, we begin again. -PEARL




  • NUMB (Trigger Warning)
    My body has gone numb,
    The bloodndrips from my thumb,
    I have been cut inside and out,
    Life has no point, I shout,
    No one will notice that I'm gone....
    Somedays I curl up and cry,
    Remembering the mem'ries that've gone by,
    Seeing my friends laugh and dance,
    While I sit here with bloody hands,
    Blood falls on the floor,
    Pain and sadness gone evermore,
    Time itself has no end,
    But I so, my friend...
    I've been cut inside and out...
    There's no more point, I shout.
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