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A Maybe Little (Maybe Not) Looking For Advice?


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ohai guys


i'm not sure this is the right section to post in, if at all. i'm new the the forum and the community (chanced across it on tumblr) and it looked interesting!


i've read many introductories and info on other sites and i am curious to know if maybe this could be something i'm into, but i still don't really know.


was wondering if anybody can gives more advice or be a friend and walk me through this ^~^


much thanks!


(remove if not allowed and lmk what section it should be posted in instead?)

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Hi, I'm new to the community aswell, a few months into it so i know it is something i enjoy but i have a Playlist on youtube of videos that have been helping me learn. Hope it helps you out too. The person who made them isn't in the community anymore but she was one of the best sources i could find. She has more videos than what i saved so i would also suggest going to her page and watching them from her playlist.





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Advice I would give is make sure you know what you're looking for in a Daddy, the relationship, and from yourself. If you meet somebody you think would be a good dom for you, talk about limits and rules and such before starting anything. Also make sure you're comfortable around them when not in little space.

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