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Today I was naughty and went on etsy. I bought 5 new big colourful hair bows and a necklace that says 'Little one' on it.


I am super excited to receive my lovely new things, but naturally I want even more. As I'm going back to uni soon I want some new cute clothes (even though I probably have more dresses than I could wear every day for months and need to save for course books etc!)


It is times like this that it would be very useful to have a daddy to help me chose what to buy and what not to buy.


What are the main things that you buy to help with your little/caregiver needs? 

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I have a onsie that I LOVEEEE

and I always buy cute cups at the grocery store.

Big me has also drunk-ordered stuffies for little me. Lol

Haha, cool! I haven't bought a new stuffie in ages. I tend to get them whenever I go to zoos/animal sancturies, as I like realistic animals and teddies the most.

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