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how do you know if you're a little?


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Guest infinitecases

My daddy brought it up to me saying I had all the traits and was very childish as a person normally so it made sense. He rationalises it as me regressing to a younger age to feel happier and destress since my childhood took a large turn after that specific age which makes a lot of sense. Calling him daddy, which has all the connotations of caring, teaching and nurturing me, made me realise how much I needed that and to feel safe and loved in a way that I've never had before. 


You don't need anything specific or to follow a set guideline to be a little, if you feel it fits, then it fits! 

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Guest kirababygirl

I can see this in my life as well. I have large amounts of uummm hmmm anxiety. I always wish I could go back to being 7 cause i was so happy then. I had a great step-Daddy so for me I hate it when ppl ask me if i have Daddy issues...no no I don't it about be owned in a loving, caring relationship by someone who recognizes my need to be guided and nurtured...but i can adult very well. 

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Hi there! I've been a little for awhile now! I actually have always been "litte" in a way, but I started to identify with it when I met my current Dom and now Daddy. He noticed it because things I would do are very "little-ish". Like the way I talk, act around people. He actually picked up on it and asked me about it (previously I had denied wanting anything to do with DDlg and actualy, we used to joke about ironically, clearly that was forshadowing lol). But anyway, its a mindset, a personality if you will. With a Dom, it's about giving up your maturity and awareness of the world to focus solely on one person and give all your trust to them (within the terms of your contract at least), or at least some of your power. 


For me, being a little is not solely tied to age regression, but alot of the times it is. You can enjoy activities like watching shows, or coloring, or eating off of cute plates, and lsoing a sense of "childness"/ 

Basically, being a little can be whatever you want it to be, as long as it makes you happy and comfortable. :3 


- Jaye

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You can't really know if something is for you unless you try it. Especially because there is no set standard for being a little. We can't just give you a checklist and say if you score so many points you can call yourself a little. :p 


If you have an interest in it then I would say that is a good indicator. Now you just have to find yourself, what you like and fit into, and if it's what you want, someone who compliments you and your little personality. 


For me, I realised I had a little side when I met my current partner. He was much more nurturing and wanted to care for me and teach me things more than any relationship I'd been in ever before. I loved it, and I have thrived from it. I've learned so much about myself and he has helped my depression and anxiety. I was lucky enough to find someone who compliments me so quickly. I was always shy and reserved, but with him I can be playful and have fun and laugh and enjoy traditionally childish things like colouring and stickers and stuffed toys. It's the first time I've felt like myself. I felt little, and it felt right. And I guess that's how you know. When your situation feels right. 


There's no set standard, or set definition of what it is to be little. It's different for everyone. You find out your side through experience and learning. It's just what feels right for you. 

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