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Hurricanes and Fear (and how to prepare)


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Just an impromptu post about all these Hurricanes and other things happening around the world.


I am by no means advising anyone to stay home or leave their homes.  That decision is between you and your family, and/or whatever your city mandates.  IF you choose to stay home, I hope this helps a little.


I'm not trying to give an academic or scientific explanation of weather systems, so relax sticklers...


I am a believer in the power of energy.  All living things are made of the same teeny tiny particles that when given energy--thrive--and when deprived of energy--die.  I strongly believe that this crudely presented theory applies to thoughts as well.


Imagine if everyone on the planet had the same positive thought at the exact same time.  Imagine if in exactly five minutes, EVERY creature capable of complex thinking, thought "LOVE" in their minds. 

Would we all sense this vibration somehow?

Would we feel a change?

Would we see a change?


Now imagine if everyone in the next five minutes thought the exact opposite of love: "FEAR".

What effect would this negative mass meditation have on us all?


Back story:

I survived Harvey in the thick of it's destruction, amidst a known flood zone.  All the hurricane pamphlets said that we could have 20 foot swells of water demolish everything we know and love.  All the news stations used words like "catastrophe" and "deadly" and "devastation".


Before we lost power for 48 hours during Harvey, I witnessed a newscaster EXAGGERATE how powerful the wind and rain was.  The two anchors in-studio were cuing to go live to another anchor standing by on location 10 minutes away from me near the ocean to give a report on the conditions there...


This anchor on location (outside in the weather) had not realized that the camera had already cut to her while the anchors in studio were still talking.  I saw her completely calm and standing still during that 3 second delay before she realized the cameras were on her. 


She was standing still, one finger on her earpiece, waiting for her cue.  Once she was cued--as if on the set of a movie, filming a take for a scene--she IMMEDIATELY began thrashing her body around, and blinking her eyes and gasping for breath as if the wind and water were overtaking her.


Just a few seconds ago, she was standing completely calm and still waiting for her cue.  Once she knew she was live on camera, she blatantly exaggerated everything.


I was livid.  Furious to the point of wanting to throw my remote through the tv.  I asked my mother, "Did you SEE that?!  She completely faked it for the camera!"


I saw another anchor on a different news station remarking about how "violently" the trees were moving.  They were moving the same amount as they would a regular windy day, nothing remarkable.




My family and I decided to stay home and survive Harvey together with our cat.  We have an electric stove, so knowing I wouldn't be able to cook once we lost power, I prepared ahead of time.


Things we did to prepare (in no particular order):


1. Bought as much bottled water as we could, and filled every available empty jug or container we had with tap water (for bathing or for my cat to drink if we lost plumbing).


2. Bought as many batteries as possible for flashlights and radios.


3.  Charged all of our cell phones, laptops, ipads to the max, and left them plugged in until we lost power.


4. Bought pet food for our cat.


5. Brought plants inside the house.


6. Bought as much non perishable food, cheap, whatever food, it doesn't matter, just have food.  Fruits and vegetables also last long.  I boiled a dozen eggs, pre-cooked a whole package of bacon, pre-cooked a whole package of hot dogs, popped alot of microwave popcorn. 


7. Bought lots of ice for the freezers (also have an ice chest on hand).


8. Gathered all the candles we have in the house (luckily I'm a spiritual person with a drawer full of candles.)  Or buy more candles.


9. Shut our storm blinds and boarded up windows with no blinds.  Be sure to leave a small portion at the bottom that's uncovered in case you want to open a window to circulate fresh air inside your house.


10. Gather all your important cards and papers and keep them in a place you can easily get to.


11. Fill up your gas tanks.


12. Pack a small bag with clothes and toiletries that you can easily carry around your house or property in case you need to stay in one room the whole time.


13.  Know where your meds are!  Prescription and otherwise, and grab or put together a first aid kit. 


14.  Bring out the board games, card decks, physical books, coloring books, sketch pads, crochet stuff, or whatever hobby or activity you can do to pass the time.


15.  Take down any heavy picture frames, framed mirrors, heavy vases, heavy decorations, and disassemble fragile glass coffee tables or wine glass racks.  Wrap your knick knacks and breakables in towels in a cardboard box.  Just take down heavy stuff that could possibly fall down.


Things we did DURING hurricane Harvey:


1. Stayed as positive as possible and spent time with each other.


2. Made sure we ate food by order of which it would perish first.  Eat the fridge stuff first.  Save foods that don't need to be refrigerated for last.


3.  Try not to open the fridge or freezer that often so your food will last longer.  When our power finally went out, we transferred the fridge food to our ice chest to make it last a little longer.  (Great excuse to clean the fridge out!) :D


4. Took short, cool showers often to stay fresh and cool.


5.  Took alot of naps.  Get as much rest as you can!


6. Ate tiny frequent meals to boost metabolism and curb fear.  If you're eating little snacks or chewing gum, your body doesn't register or feel panic.  Google it.


Fear in itself is a complicated thing, but you can lessen it by preparing.  Preparation gives you some control over your outlook and circumstances, and the rest is up to sweet mother nature.


Stay POSITIVE, and encourage others to not give into fear that the news and social media seem to thrive on.  Don't feed the fear.


KNOW you will be okay, and you will.








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Thanks for this post. I'm in the middle of Florida and I'm kind of freaking out right now but I'm glad I took the time to read this.


I'll be okay, I'm just bipolar and dealing with my stress as well as I can.

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Thanks for this post. I'm in the middle of Florida and I'm kind of freaking out right now but I'm glad I took the time to read this.


I'll be okay, I'm just bipolar and dealing with my stress as well as I can.

This too shall pass, my friend.  Know that the universe loves you, and you WILL be okay.


Try chewing gum or nibbling candy to help with panic and anxiety.


Sometimes I even go second by second or minute by minute, when anxiety hits, I ask myself, "Am I okay right NOW?  Am I okay right this second?"  The answer is always yes.


Also look up "Alternate nostril breathing" as a relaxation technique, it's a safe way to control your breath and calm your mind.

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Guest headpats

This post has awesome advice. Also, if you're trying to buy water and it's too late in your area, remember that you can fill the bath tub up too before the storm hits. Or buy plastic storage bins with thick walls and fill them up too.

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