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Pregnancy and being little


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Hey guys! I am due to have my first baby in November and am currently in a ddlg relationship, i was just wondering if there was any parents on here that are in that situation trying to find ways to make time for it to work aside from putting baby first and has anyone got any tips how to hold back my little side when it's not appropriate? I'm finding it hard to keep myself from slipping out even now sometimes but in less than 3 months I will have the huge responsibility of being a mum so would love some advice before then. Thank you.❤
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Guest LordEmtheDinosaur!


Don't hold back your little, your kid will love it.......well when hr/she is older

At first, the first few weeks are trying to survive and make sure everyone eats and is still alive so don't put pressure on yourself to get back to dd/lg right away

Let aspects of it reintegrate themselves into your life until you have it all back

After things settle a bit, commit to one hour of little time and eventually 2 hours and so on. Not necessarily consecutively and there will be times when the baby is sick and you can't etc etc work around it

It's going to be fine and things will get back to normal and you'll do great

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Thats great news!


I've heard it alot on here people asking how parents can be into ddlg and its always had quite a negative slant which frustrates me as a parent.

But just as the above comments say it's sometimes great to be a little and parent because your very much on a childs level of course. I'm the parent who can watch endless cartoons and disney, go to soft play centre and not get sick of it like alot of parents do.

However word of warning do not try to scehdule any time to be little in the first few months (maybe years) just let it happen naturally. Having a child is not what you imagine at all. And everyone's experience is differnt. My personal experience with a new born was hell. He was premature, we were both ill and it took 3yrs to get us both in a good state of health...did I have time to be little? No but then I realised all my little ways were rubbing off on him and it was lovely.I remember going crazy in the disney store singing to all the songs with him(still do lol) allowing him to dig up worms in the garden and paint all over his hands and not be a typical mum cringing at the mess and noise because I was enjoying it as much as him.

So my point is dont put any expectations on yourself. Don't think you will loose your little side (it comes out stronger tbh). You will find your own balance.

With regards to your relationship my advice is sometimes you need to be selfish. Whatever things you enjoy now can still carry on but you need to make sure you have time together as couple. If someone offers to have the baby take it and don't feel bad. Keep communicating on what you two need from your dynamic and again it will balance out. No pressure on each other at all.

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I totally get this.after having my son I have been so scared to let my little side out due to negative views. I'll ALWAYS put my son first, I guess I just need toget back into it naturally.
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